Today’s Health Recipe | Deficiency of Qi and Jin, use this good medicine for qi to make porridge

Summer is a particularly difficult season to take care of. It’s hot, people can’t eat well, sleep well, and it’s easy to hurt the body. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that summer heat is the most energy-injuring righteousness. The temperature is high, the human body sweats a lot, and the righteousness in the body also goes out with the sweat. Excessive sweating can cause Qi and Jin deficiency. There is also a lot of rain in Futian, and the moisture affects the transportation and transformation of the spleen and stomach, resulting in spleen deficiency and weakened digestive function. In addition, in the summer, the heart is full of fire and the lungs will be suppressed. Therefore, one summer is free from illness and three points are empty. That’s it. To supplement the deficiency, in order to restore the righteousness of the human body, it must be supplemented in the dog days. Astragalus No.1

<On Qi Qi Good medicine, astragalus is the first. Astragalus is relatively mild, but its effect is not inferior, and it is stronger than ginseng, so it has become the most commonly used qi-tonifying medicine. Astragalus also has the effects of diuresis, swelling, and muscle growth. It is not only suitable for nephritis and edema patients for diet therapy, but also for those who are puffy. In addition, for people with skin sores or ulcers, eating astragalus can discharge sepsis and promote wound healing. To eat astragalus, it is advisable to use a light side. The easiest way is to drink astragalus porridge. Astragalus porridge drink in dog days, the amount of astragalus is not much, and it is very peaceful with rice. Friends who are weak in qi and infirm, insist on drinking astragalus porridge every day, which can improve the qi and strengthen the immunity, and it is not easy to get sick in autumn and winter. Three fried and three boiled astragalus porridgeEat astragalus in a light way. The easiest way is to drink astragalus porridge. When making astragalus porridge, it should be noted that astragalus itself cannot be eaten. Astragalus must be boiled into medicinal juice through the method of “three decoctions and three boils” in traditional Chinese medicine. Use this concoction to add rice to make porridge. The specific is as follows:

The first step

Take about 30 grams of astragalus , add 10 times of water to soak for half an hour, boil with water, cook on medium heat for 30 minutes, and decant the concoction for later use.

Step 2

Add the same amount of water and boil for 15 minutes , and decanted the concoction again.

Step 3

Repeat the process of step 2.

Step 4

Take out the boiled astragalus dregs and throw away. Put the concoction boiled three times together, add about 100 grams of rice, and cook it into gruel.

after drinking Astragalus, it will boost your energy all day long.

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