To the account! 38 Vegetable Farmers Are Getting Back Their Vegetable Payments in Arrears for Two Years

Weifang Daily, Weifang Financial Media News“Thank you very much to the court for helping us get back our blood and sweat Money!” Looking at the 150,000 yuan remitted into the account, Mr. Pang from Tianliu Town, Shouguang City, and 37 other vegetable farmers expressed their joy beyond words when recalling the difficult process of asking for the arrears in the past two years. Recently, under the coordination of Li Shuguang, the chief judge of the Tianliu People’s Court of the Shouguang City People’s Court and the judge handling the case, 38 vegetable farmers signed the power of attorney one after another, and the two-year vegetable payment dispute case was successfully mediated.

Mr. Pang from Tianliu Town, Shouguang City is a vegetable grower. In the autumn of 2020, he and 37 other vegetable farmers sold vegetables to Zhang in the same village, with a total value of about 160,000 yuan. When the agreed payment date came, when Mr. Pang and others approached Zhang to ask for the food payment, Zhang said that he was collecting vegetables for his nephew Zhu and was just a middleman, and Zhu was unable to pay for the food due to physical problems. It doesn’t matter.

Mr. Pang and others believe that they signed a written agreement with Zhang throughout the whole process, and they only recognize Zhang as the ower.

The two sides insisted on their own opinions. After several unsuccessful requests for vegetable money, in March 2022, 38 vegetable farmers including Mr. Appeal to Shouguang City People’s Court. After the court’s judgment came into effect, it entered the enforcement procedure. After checking and controlling on the Internet, it was found that there was no property available for execution under the name of Zhang, the person subject to execution.

In late September 2022, Mr. Pang and others accidentally learned that Zhang had bought a property under his name before entering the execution procedure The property was transferred to his son, so he filed a right of revocation lawsuit, requesting to revoke Zhang’s behavior of transferring the property.

After Tianliu People’s Court of Shouguang City People’s Court received the litigation materials of revocation right, it took the initiative to link this to the vegetable payment dispute case, and contacted Shouguang at the same time The Enforcement Bureau of the Municipal People’s Court learned about the progress of the implementation and learned that none of the implementations were in place, and decided to use the right of revocation to sue pre-litigation mediation to resolve the enforcement case of vegetable payment disputes.

“From the ordinary vegetable trading arrears case, the enforcement case and the right of revocation lawsuit are derived… If the case is discussed on the basis of the case, it will not only waste Judicial resources, and it is not conducive to the peaceful resolution of disputes.” Li Shuguang, the chief judge of the Tianliu People’s Court of the Shouguang City People’s Court and the judge handling the case, said that the most effective solution to such disputes is mediation.

“If the real estate is disposed of through litigation and execution procedures, not only the risk of litigation is high, but also it takes a long time…” Tianliu People’s Court of Shouguang City Court mediator Li Yuqin first found Mr. Pang and other 38 vegetable farmers, explained the advantages of solving the problem through mediation, and analyzed the interests in detail. After obtaining the consent of Mr. Pang and others, the Tianliu People’s Court of Shouguang City People’s Court organized judges and mediators I found Zhang, the person subject to execution, to do ideological work many times, explaining the law and analyzing the pros and cons.

After mediation, the two parties reached an agreement: Zhang settled the vegetable arrears of 150,000 yuan in one lump sum on the day the agreement was signed, and the enforcement case was closed ; Mr. Pang and other 38 people withdrew the right to revoke the lawsuit.

“I am very grateful to the judge and mediator for helping us mediate the dispute, and I got back my hard-earned money!” Watching all the arrears of 150,000 yuan remitted in account, Mr. Pang looked happy.

Since the beginning of this year, the Weifang Intermediate People’s Court has created and promoted the Weifang “He” Fang “An” multiple dispute resolution brand, and deepened the multiple dispute resolution mechanism. The concept of “harmony” and “safety” runs through all links before, during and after litigation, and promotes the extension of conflicts and disputes from “terminal adjudication” to “source prevention and control”, so that “multiple dispute resolution” can take root in grassroots judicial practice, Remarkable results have been achieved.

Weifang Daily All-Media Reporter: Zhang Yige/Wentu

Responsible Editor: Feng Xiaojian