24-hour inspection to be the “gatekeeper” of Shihu Garden

Weifang Daily News from Weifang Financial Media “Old Zhao, I’m here to bring you delicious food. Today, we will improve the food. You can see that there are stewed chicken with mushrooms, stewed beef brisket with tomatoes, and braised pork ribs , You eat first, I will work.” On November 28, staff Yang Lin and Li Xiaogang brought living supplies to Weifang Shihu Garden Museum and officially joined the team of “gatekeepers”. Since then, the team has grown to five.

Zhao Yong (left) and Lu Liang Cleaning up fallen leaves. (Photo provided by the interviewee)

Since the museum strictly implemented the relevant requirements for epidemic prevention and control and implemented closed management, three staff members, Zhao Yong, Lu Liang, and Tian Fengjie, overcame the difficulties of living, heating, and dining. He stayed in the ancient building complex of Shihu Garden for hours, did a good job of safety inspections, environmental disinfection and other work every day, and worked hard to ensure the safety and stability of Shihu Garden. The other staff who could not work at home were anxious in their eyes. Yang Lin and Li Xiaogang knew the cumbersome work of daily duty, and after consulting with the living community for instructions, they moved in with daily necessities on the morning of November 28.

There are many cultural relics in the museum. Although it is closed, the security guards are still on duty as usual, and the daily inspections cannot be slack. Five staff members carefully inspect the corners of the museum area several times a day to ensure that no dead ends are left. The recent sudden drop in temperature in the urban area is also a test for the seedlings in the museum. The staff quickly added cold protection facilities for them to reduce the chance of frost damage and improve the ornamental value of the next spring.

Weifang Daily All-Media Reporter: Guo Chao/Article