[Three co-ordination, three expansion and four creation] Yuhua Road Community Health Service Center in Yuhua District conducts urban cancer screening project for the masses free of charge

The urban cancer early diagnosis and early treatment project is a major national medical reform project and a major national public health project. It aims to detect early cancer and precancerous lesions, implement intervention measures, and promote national social and economic development. Yuhua Road Community Health Service Center, in order to implement the “Urban Cancer Early Diagnosis and Early Treatment Project Management Measures (Trial)” issued by the General Office of the Ministry of Health, and closely combined with the “Three Coordination, Three Expansion and Four Creation” activities, and the First Hospital of Hebei Medical University, Organizing urban cancer screening programs.

“Cancer Screening Early diagnosis and early treatment has been recognized as the most effective way to prevent and control cancer.” Since 2018, Yuhua Road Community Health Service Center has undertaken the urban cancer early diagnosis and early treatment project, and conducts urban cancer screening for about 700 residents in the area every year. check. The project mainly focuses on the evaluation, screening and early diagnosis and early treatment of high-risk groups for five types of cancers with high incidence in cities, including lung cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, upper gastrointestinal cancer (esophageal cancer and gastric cancer) and liver cancer.

In 2022 the project will be Officially launched in April, Liu Aichen, director of the former Yuhua Road Community Health Service Center, attached great importance to it, personally formulated plans, coordinated staff, and widely publicized and mobilized through various methods such as self-media official accounts, recording promotional videos, and distributing leaflets in residential areas. , and actively guide the residents of the jurisdiction to participate in urban cancer screening.

On the day when the project was launched, dozens of residents came to participate. The staff distributed the “Cancer Prevention Risk Assessment Questionnaire” to the residents who came to participate, to assess their lifestyle, family History, high-risk factors, etc., and popularize the knowledge of cancer prevention. After filling out the questionnaire, guide them to take free hepatitis B virus surface antigen (HbsAg) test, fecal occult blood test and Helicobacter pylori test. The test results will be entered into the system. Those who are evaluated as high-risk groups will make an appointment to the First Hospital of Hebei Medical University for free clinical screening for high-risk tumor types.

The development of this project, It aims to give full play to the advantages of community health service institutions in the full-cycle health management of residents, popularize cancer prevention knowledge, improve health awareness, and achieve early screening, early prevention, and early treatment. In the future, the community health service institutions in our district will continue to focus on the activities of “three overall planning, three expansion and four creation” and “I do practical things for the masses”, scientifically coordinate all work throughout the year, and strive to make the work on the hearts of residents. Continuously improve their satisfaction and sense of gain, and escort the health of community residents.
Source: Yuhua District Community Health Service Management Center