Those things about health care in early autumn

The hot summer is over, and autumn is the season for all things to mature and harvest. The sun is bright during the day, the night is cool and dry, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, the rain is reduced, and the moisture is insufficient. Therefore, autumn dryness has become the main feature of autumn.

Fall health care and more exercise

The weather in autumn is cool and suitable for sports. For example, jogging, compared with sweating a lot after running in summer, running in autumn is more suitable and the body is more comfortable.

Appropriate aerobic exercise can enhance the oxygen content in the blood, make the yang qi supply in the brain sufficient, and help relieve fatigue, but for the purpose of refreshing the brain The exercise should be based on relatively gentle activities such as walking and Tai Chi, and the intensity should not be too large.

Go to bed early and get up early to stay away from autumn fatigue

As the weather gradually turns cooler, it should be appropriate to change the sleep pattern in summer. Working and resting habits and taking a proper nap can also help relieve stress and maintain plenty of energy.

After the autumn cools, it is necessary to add clothes appropriately. Take measures to keep warm to avoid cold, which can cause symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, and joint pain. Appropriate “autumn freezing” helps to exercise cold tolerance. In an environment where the temperature is gradually lowered, after a certain amount of exercise, it can promote the body’s material metabolism and improve the adaptability to low temperature. However, “autumn freezing” should be treated differently due to differences in temperature and individuals, and should not be blinded.

reasonable diet

The top priority of autumn diet is to moisten dryness. Where does the “dryness” of autumn come from? Autumn is metal in the “five elements”, and lungs in the human body’s internal organs. At this time, the yang qi in nature is declining day by day, the yin qi is growing day by day, and the rain is decreasing. Therefore, the seasonal main qi is “dry”.

Although autumn is the season of tonic, it is advisable to choose supplementary products to prevent excessive tonic and dryness and heat damage to the yin. In the autumn diet, it is advisable to “save the pungent and increase the acidity”. Excessive consumption of spicy food will diffuse and easily damage the body fluid. The acid will first enter the liver and then converge, so eat it properly to nourish the yin and moisten the dryness. Drink more boiled water, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to promote body fluid and moisten dryness. Eat less spicy fried products to avoid pungency to help dryness and damage the yin, eat less melons and fruits to avoid cold and cool damage to the spleen.