This simple and delicious sliced ​​meat soup, because of the two traditional Chinese medicines, becomes extraordinary

Ophiopogon japonicus Pork Soup

Introduction: Many people often say that the preparation of medicinal food is very complicated, and it is necessary to simmer a few Hours, and many of them have a strong smell of traditional Chinese medicine. Isn’t there a simple and delicious medicinal meal? There must be. Today I will teach you how to make a sliced ​​meat soup. It does not need to be stewed slowly, and the taste is very delicious, and the meat is tender and smooth. Not much to say, let’s see how to do it!

Main ingredients: 500g lean meat, 10g Polygonatum odoratum, 9g Radix Ophiopogon japonicus, sweet potato starch, appropriate amount of green onion, ginger, garlic, a little salt, soy sauce, chicken essence, etc.

Preparation method: After cleaning the lean meat, cut it into smaller slices and put it in a bowl In the bowl, add a small amount of salt and soy sauce to marinate for a while, then put sweet potato starch into the bowl, and grasp the sweet potato flour and sliced ​​meat with your hands, and set aside. Wash onion, ginger and garlic and set aside. Add clear water to the pot, put Polygonatum Polygonatum and Ophiopogon japonicus into soak for 20 minutes, then boil over high heat. Open the lid of the pot, slowly sprinkle the prepared meat slices into the boiling medicinal soup, and add a small amount of salt, soy sauce, and chicken essence to taste. Finally, wait for the water in the pot to boil again, sprinkle onion, ginger, and minced garlic, stir slightly with a spatula, and cook for a few minutes, this delicious broth is ready.

Main efficacy: Polygonatum odoratum, nourishing yin and moistening dryness, promoting body fluid and quenching thirst. Ophiopogon japonicus has the functions of nourishing yin and moistening the lungs, clearing the heart and eliminating troubles, benefiting the stomach and promoting body fluid. The two medicines are both sweet and cold, and have a good effect of nourishing the lungs and stomach yin fluid. The meat slices are wrapped with sweet potato starch and used as medicinal soup to make meat slice soup. The medicinal taste is light and delicious, and the meat slices are tender and smooth, with a good taste.

Caution for consumption:Patients with phlegm, dampness and Qi stagnation in the stomach should not eat it.