Which cough conditions are at high risk? Be careful of 4 situations, or lung cancer warning

In daily life, coughing, sneezing and throat discomfort often attack people’s health frequently, especially when there is a lot of dust in the air, low humidity or allergies When there are many sources, it is common to cough endlessly.

Although cough is common, it should not be taken lightly, because it may be an early warning of some serious diseases, among which Including lung cancer.

Lung cancer is one of the cancer types with the highest morbidity and mortality in the world today, and it spreads quickly and develops quickly , Difficult to cure, if you want to avoid suffering from lung cancer, the most important thing is to prevent and control.

If you usually have 4 coughing conditions, it may be a lung problem, please seek medical attention in time to avoid Missed time.

1. Stimulation Dry cough

Cough is essentially a normal physiological process to remove toxic substances and dead immune cells accumulated in the body Phenomenon. Therefore, in addition to being choked, the cough should have sputum attached, and it will appear yellow-green in different depths according to the physical condition.

If you always feel that your lungs or respiratory tract are irritated, and then you start to cough without warning, the intensity and If the frequency is high, be careful that the bronchial mucosa is stimulated by the tumor, which may be the manifestation of cancer cell proliferation.

At the same time, the proliferation of cancer cells will also form complications with other lung diseases, which will also aggravate the Please adjust the frequency and intensity of coughing in time.

2. There is a sharp whistle when coughing

The sound of coughing can also give feedback on the health of the lungs. When a healthy person with some minor illness coughs, the sound is relatively crisp. If there is sputum stasis, there will be a slight turbidity, which is within the normal range.

However, when the tumor is parasitized by cancer cells, the tumor gradually expands and invades the bronchial space, the organ becomes smaller and the airflow channel shrinks Narrow, so that when the gas passes quickly, it will make a harsh and sharp sound, which is what we often call howling.

The appearance of howling sound means that the lump may have been larger, if there is no obvious improvement after taking medicine, then An MRI or CT scan should be done as soon as possible to observe abnormalities in the lungs and trachea.

3. Persistent cough

A common cough lasts for a short period of time, and most of it occurs after some kind of inducement occurs. But coughs caused by lung cancer are not only more intense, but also frequent, and may occur with a deep breath, a bend over, or even a sip of water.

This coughing condition If it lasts for more than half a month, there is no improvement or there is a tendency of aggravation, and the performance is more prominent when sleeping at night, you should be alert to cancer, and don’t be negligent.

4. Cough with blood

Coughing up blood is a typical manifestation of advanced lung disease. If you feel a rusty smell in your throat or nasal cavity when you cough, or the coughed up sputum is dark red or bright red, Then it can be judged that there are ruptures and lesions in the lung cells and blood vessel endings, which may be related to the invasion of cancer cells.

In the early stage of lung cancer, about 40% of patients will cough up blood, please be more vigilant.

In short, when the above-mentioned types of cough appear, it means that the health of the lungs may be at risk. In addition to seeking medical treatment in time, you also need to correct your own bad habits, and strive for multi-party treatment and concerted maintenance. It may help to help The lungs and the whole body are restored to health.

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