This part of the body gets bigger, be careful it is a precursor to cancer

In recent years

Thyroid nodulesbecome the 2nd on the medical report form after “three highs

Big regulars

Related medical data display

In Chinese adults

the incidence of thyroid nodules is about 20%~76%

equivalent to 1 per 5 people

Many people hear “nodule”

There will be many questions

Can thyroid nodules become cancerous

How to distinguish benign from malignant

Do I need surgery


So today, Uncle Jiu will talk about

thyroid nodules



< p>Why do I get thyroid nodules

The nodule is plain It is a pile of proliferative tumors

The reasons for stimulating thyroid nodules

are roughly as follows:< /span>

Long-term emotional anxiety and stress

iodine deficiency or excessive intake< /span>

Exposure to radioactive material



What should I do after a nodule is found?

nodules are either benign or malignant

Different nature of the diagnosis and treatment plan is also different

through the routine 4 thyroid examinations

basically can Determining the quality of a nodule

palpation: a preliminary determination of whether there is a nodule

span>Neck examination

can initially assess the condition of the nodule

Blood tests: assessing normal thyroid function

( but cannot diagnose benign/malignant nodules)span>


Thyroid Ultrasound: Preliminary Determination of Nodule Nature, Size and Quantity

The TI-RADS classification on the ultrasound diagnostic report

can be a good way to evaluate the thyroid nodules Security

>If the nodule is TI-RADS grade 4 and above

needle biopsy is recommended for further Determine whether

is a malignant nodule

and if

The following words appear on the medical report form, also pay special attention

needle biopsy: good or bad conclusion

Tissue specimens drawn by fine needle aspiration

Cytopathological examination

can effectively differentiate benign and malignant thyroid nodules

< p>Reduce unnecessary surgery

the entire puncture operation

< p>Only minutes to complete

doesn’t cause significant trauma

< /p>

in clinical data

Less than 5% of nodules

have the potential to develop into thyroid cancer

(the remaining 95% are benign)

even if unfortunate Diagnosed with thyroid cancer

mortality was also lower

only 0.076 /100000

The condition can be controlled as long as it is treated in time


Do I have to have a nodule surgery?

If the nodule is small in the early stage

can be treated without surgery

but every 3~6 months

regularly check thyroid hormone levels, B ultrasound

If benign nodules continue to grow

(more than 4cm in diameter)

with pressure, hoarseness, dysphagia< /span>

and malignant nodules

required surgery strong>

If the thyroid function is abnormal

Take hyperthyroidism as an example

It is necessary to take antithyroid drugs

supplemented with Radioactive iodine therapy or surgery

Alleviation and control



How to prevent and control

Regular check-ups are required

healthy adults

Especially for adult women over 35 years old

It is recommended to do a thyroid function test and B-ultrasound every 5 years


with a history of thyroid nodule p>

At least once a year thyroid checkup


ionizing radiationthyroid nodule formation

and an important cause of carcinogenesis

so try to stay away from

Reduce possible radiation exposure

Controlling dietary iodine intake

Insufficient or excessive iodine intake

both cause nodules

Thyroid nodules with hyperthyroidism

should choose non-iodized salt and reduce consumption of seafood< /p>

thyroid nodule with hypothyroidism


Optional iodized salt

It is recommended to consume Shanghai products more than 2 times a week

Such as fish, shellfish, seaweed and kelp

<600"> /p>


A thyroid nodule is not a big deal

Regular review and cooperation with treatment

can better control the condition

But in life

cancerous nodules due to missed re-examination opportunities

hospital misdiagnosis leads to unnecessary misdiagnosis Surgery


” width=” img>

because So if you or your family members

have the following questions during treatment:

•think about yourself The disease may be misdiagnosed or missed by the doctor

•Worry about the risks of surgery when diagnosed with surgery

•Think that a certain treatment recommended by the doctor is not necessary

• Unsure about the diagnosis (eg, being diagnosed with a serious disease such as cancer)

•When the doctor recommends a treatment with greater risk or strong side effects


A second opinion service is available

< /p>

Currently patients can use

39 Health Network menu bar“Expert secondary diagnosis”entrance

perform authoritative expert secondary diagnosis service span>

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