Just now, Liaoning CDC issued an important reminder!

Urgent Notice: From April 1st, there will be major adjustments to Shenyang Metro!

At present, the epidemic situation in many provinces in China is still severe and complicated. With the coming of the “May Day” holiday, there will be a large flow of people, many gatherings, and the spread of the epidemic. For the majority of residents to spend a healthy, safe and happy holiday, Liaoning CDC proposes the following health tips:

1. Develop good hygiene habits. Continue to wash hands frequently, wear masks, disinfect frequently, ventilate frequently, use one-meter noodles, use public chopsticks, divide meals, do not spit, and do not litter.

2. It is recommended to stay in Liaoning for the holidays. Do not travel to the city where the medium and high risk areas are located to avoid the risk of the spread of the epidemic. If you have travel plans, pay attention to the epidemic situation in the relevant areas at any time, and do personal protection, and strictly abide by the relevant local epidemic prevention policies and requirements. When going out, it is necessary to abide by the regulations on appointments and current restrictions, and actively cooperate with the “three elements” of epidemic prevention and control in public places, such as temperature measurement, code verification, and wearing masks.

3. For those returning to Liaoning from other provinces, please know about the epidemic situation in our province in advance According to the prevention and control regulations, take the initiative to report to the community (village), unit or hotel where you are staying, and you need to provide a 48-hour nucleic acid test negative certificate. It is recommended to do a nucleic acid test within 6 hours after coming to Liaoning. strong>And implement relevant prevention and control measures, and advocate no gatherings and crowded places.

4. Comply with epidemic prevention regulations. When visiting scenic spots, you must cooperate with the implementation of relevant regulations such as “reservation, current limit, and peak shift”, and take the initiative to provide a negative nucleic acid test certificate, code verification, and temperature measurement. Go to shopping malls, supermarkets, theaters and other crowded public places, and maintain good hygiene habits such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, maintaining a 1-meter thread, and coughing etiquette.

5. Get vaccinated against COVID-19. The public who have not been vaccinated against the new crown vaccine, especially the elderly, if there is no contraindication to vaccination, please go to the nearest vaccination clinic as soon as possible to be vaccinated against the new crown vaccine, and people over 18 years old should complete the whole course of vaccination as soon as possible for half a year Vaccination booster.

6. Be the first responsible person for your own health. Do a good job of health monitoring every day, so that the home is clean and ventilated, eat healthy and reasonable, exercise scientifically, and maintain regular work and rest. If you and your family have symptoms such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, etc., please take personal protection and immediately go to the fever clinic of the nearest medical institution for investigation.

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