This kind of “fake sesame oil” is eaten by many people, keep in mind the “3 identification methods” of sesame oil, and a bowl of clear water will show its original shape

Drip aftertaste lingers on your teeth, you can taste pasta and vegetables. It has been fragrant in ancient times, and it is still fragrant today. Sesame oil, also known as sesame oil and sesame oil, is our traditional Chinese seasoning vegetable oil. Because of its mellow taste and aftertaste, it is a commonly used seasoning edible oil in home cooking.

Not only that, sesame oil is also rich in unsaturated fatty acids, Protein, sesamin and a variety of vitamins and minerals, so eating sesame oil often has many benefits for the human body. However, many friends often buy some “fake sesame oil” in their daily life. Among other things, Lao Yu gave an example. Many friends have bought sesame oil at 10 yuan a catty at the gate of the community!

It is estimated that many friends will say: Lao Yu, how about 10 yuan a catty You can buy fake sesame oil! Let’s put it this way, the current price of a catty of raw sesame is between 8 yuan and 14 yuan, and cooked sesame is even more expensive. And one catty of sesame seeds can extract about 4 taels of oil, so one catty of sesame oil needs about two and a half catties of sesame seeds. Considering the cost of two and a half catties of sesame seeds, the minimum cost is 20 yuan!

So, for 10 yuan a catty of sesame oil, without packaging, the boss has to pay 10 yuan Money, how could it be possible to sell us real sesame oil! In fact, this kind of “fake sesame oil” is relatively easy to identify. After all, the price is so low, you can tell it is fake at a glance. The fear is that some expensive, fragrant sesame oils are still difficult to distinguish.

So, today Lao Yu doesn’t talk about cooking or recipes, just Talk about how to distinguish “fake sesame oil”. Lao Yu summed up this method as “three differentiating methods”, let’s take a look together below.

1. Clear water resolution

If you meet a friend who sells sesame oil at the gate of the community, Lao Yu suggests that you can bring a bowl of water or bring a bottle without drinking After finishing the mineral water, drop the sesame oil in the water. If it is a fake sesame oil, the sesame oil will basically spread very slowly after being dropped into the water. If the water is not shaken by hand, it is almost a drop of oil.

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On the contrary, if it is genuine sesame oil, the sesame oil will quickly decompose and form finer oil flowers after dripping into water. Therefore, when buying sesame oil, if you are not sure whether the boss’s sesame oil is genuine or not, bring a bowl if possible Clear water, if you can’t, bring a bottle of unfinished mineral water, so that you can quickly distinguish between true and false.

Second, Illumination Resolution

Nowadays, most friends’ All mobile phones have flashlights, so when buying sesame oil, you can just use it! Generally speaking, sesame oil is packaged in glass bottles. Turn on the flashlight of the mobile phone and stick it directly on the bottle. If it is real sesame oil, the light will be very transparent under the strong light of the flashlight.

On the contrary, if it is fake sesame oil, after you shine it with the flashlight of your mobile phone, you will It was found that there were many impurities in the oil, and the oil layer was turbid. Note that even if there are no impurities, but the oil layer is not transparent, it feels like there is a layer of something separated, and this kind of sesame oil is also blended.

3. Fragrance identification

The last way to tell the difference between sesame oil is to smell it. Generally speaking, if it is fake sesame oil, when you open the bottle of sesame oil, there will be a strong smell of sesame oil; This is blended with essence.

Conversely, if you open the bottle of sesame oil, the fragrance is neither strong nor light, but it is very long-lasting , such sesame oil is real sesame oil. Therefore, when buying sesame oil, don’t just listen to what the boss says, it’s best to pick up the bottle and take a photo with your mobile phone’s flashlight, then open the bottle cap and smell it, so that you can tell the real from the fake!

——Old Yu Said——

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Sesame oil does not seem to be used much, but almost most of the dishes need sesame oil to “finish the finishing touch”. It can be said that the frequency of use of sesame oil is very high, so the old Yu believes that the quality of the food must be high, no matter if you eat too much or too little, after all, it is something you eat in your stomach! I am a glutton and old Yu, thank you for watching, thank you!