The big “housekeeper” of Hongqiao Street has a new identity

A few days ago, Xinhua Property Company, a subsidiary of New Changning Group, became a member unit of Hongqiao Street’s “Family and Beautiful Neighborhood” community. Much happiness and sense of gain.

“In my opinion, neighborhood committees, property management committees, and property management units are all part of building a beautiful community .Community governance cannot rely solely on one party’s strength. Everyone’hand in hand’builds a beautiful home and forms a strong joint force to build a better community.” Regarding becoming a member of the “Family and Beautiful Neighborhood” community of Hongqiao Street, Secretary of the General Party Branch of Xinhua Property Song Huiying expressed her understanding.

In the community under the jurisdiction of Hongqiao Street, Xinhua Property management is definitely a well-deserved “main force”, and they undertake the property management work of all old public housing in the sub-district area. At the same time, in the event of major tasks such as epidemic prevention and typhoon prevention and flood prevention, Xinhua Property also undertakes the underpinning service guarantee work for unmanaged communities or communities with weak property management.

In recent years, elevators have been installed everywhere in old public housing in Changning District, and residents have realized their “elevator dream” At the same time, they are constantly facing new problems: who will be responsible for the hygiene of the elevator car? Who will pay the electricity bill generated by the elevator operation? Who will answer the third-party call in the elevator? As a member of the street building a beautiful community, Xinhua Property Management proposed that the property management company should undertake the follow-up maintenance of elevators, share the “heavy burden” on residents’ shoulders, and solve everyone’s last “mile” travel problem.

The installation of 3 units held in Hongqiao Community not long ago At the elevator delivery ceremony, the community and Xinhua Property also signed the “Elevator Installation Property Custody Agreement”. The agreement covers a number of elevator services such as daily elevator maintenance, emergency rescue, elevator car inspection, and regular inspections, while the property fees for residents only increase by 0.25 yuan/month/square meter. “The fee is set by the industrial and commercial office, and the property management company does not earn the difference in the middle price, so that the residents can benefit.” Song Huiying said that it seems that the property management fee has risen, but in fact the property management company bears all the problems in the subsequent use of the elevator, and the residents no longer have any problems. worries.

However, it is not the first time that Xinhua Property has installed elevator hosting services in Hongqiao Community in Hongqiao Street. As early as 2019, Xinhua Property took the lead in piloting the installation of elevator property custody services in Hongqiao Community, and was also the first property company in Changning District to propose the concept of integrated elevator property management service.

“In the community, the daily work of property management is to communicate with residents Dealing with each other. To build a harmonious and beautiful community, the property owner needs to give full play to the sense of ownership in the work, solve problems for the streets, neighborhood committees, and residents, and create a warm and comfortable home, so that residents can live in peace and comfort.” Serving the community and residents wholeheartedly has always been Xinhua The service concept of the property is also the work rule that Song Huiying always requires herself and employees to abide by.

Maintenance service of Hongqiao street management section of Xinhua Property , has always been well-known in the community. “The maintenance personnel not only have good skills, but also have a good service attitude towards our residents. As long as they come to repair, they will definitely find a way to solve the problem.” Mr. Pan and the residents living in Changhong Community have a deep understanding. For various problems that residents encounter in their lives, the maintenance personnel never shirk, and will try their best to solve them by “repairing as much as possible”.

When you see the elderly in the community going out, you immediately step forward to help them; when you meet the elderly who are carrying heavy objects, you quickly take the heavy objects from their hands… Xinhua Property Specially cares for the community The elderly in the community. They will regularly confirm with the neighborhood committee to update the information of the elderly in the community, and regularly visit the homes of the elderly living alone, widows, and elderly people to check the safety of water, electricity, coal, and provide free maintenance services. Barrier handrails, door-to-door condolences during the New Year and holidays… “Everyone feels very warm when they serve our property with such sincerity! “The elderly in the Xinhua property community are full of praise.

From It is not difficult to see from the examples of serving the community one by one that with the continuous improvement of the overall construction of the block, the management level of Xinhua Property is also improving simultaneously. “With the ‘troika’ as an important support for community grassroots governance, in the future, Xinhua Property will We will continue to participate in community governance with heart and affection, to better serve residents, and to work together with other community member units in Hongqiao Street’s “Family Love Street” to build a beautiful community with warmth and beauty, so that residents can gain more happiness and fulfillment. “Song Huiying said.

The picture comes from Xinhua Property

Text: Li Bo

Editor: Bi Yangjing

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