This fruit should be bought often in winter, one is equal to four herbs! Moisturizing the lungs, resolving phlegm, and dispelling nodules, the effect of eating like this is doubled

Recently, oranges are in season again. They are sweet, sour, juicy, inexpensive, and very convenient to eat. Fruit bowls in many families are full of them. Oranges are not only delicious, but also a good health product in season, full of treasures!

An orange with four flavors

Orange The taste is sour and sweet, just in line with what traditional Chinese medicine calls “sweet and sour to transform yin”. It can produce body fluid and quench thirst, moisten the lungs and relieve cough, and relieve dry throat and thirst.

It is also a good anticoagulant. It contains the physiologically active substance dermoside, which can reduce the cholesterol deposited in arteries, help reduce the formation of thrombus, and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases disease.

In addition to the orange flesh, the orange core, orange leaves, orange core, orange peel, etc. are also They are all “babies” for health preservation, which are called “four medicines for oranges” in Chinese medicine.

01 Orange Peel

Orange The skin has the functions of regulating qi, drying dampness and eliminating indigestion, invigorating the spleen and resolving phlegm. At the same time, it contains a large amount of natural volatile oil, which can enter the human body through breathing to calm the nerves.

Stomach cold and Qi stagnation are prone to occur in winter, manifested as abdominal pain or abdominal pain, Epigastric distension, acid reflux, indigestion, loss of appetite, diarrhea; fatigue, chest tightness, dull complexion, fear of cold, cold limbs, etc. It can be adjusted with orange peel nourishing stomach soup.

Orange peel nourishing stomach soup Click the video to view expert explanation △Recipe: 3-5 grams of fresh orange peel (or 3 grams of tangerine peel), 2 small slices of ginger, 1 small piece of coriander ( Do not remove the roots), add water to boil, take a small amount and take it slowly several times. The aroma of orange peel regulates qi, harmonizes and resolves phlegm, which can smooth the chest and diaphragm, reduce phlegm, dispel cold and invigorate the spleen, and promote the transportation and transformation of the stomach; coriander is pungent and warm, dispels cold and awakens the spleen, in addition to dispelling external cold, it can also warm the middle burner; Ginger meat warms the middle and dispels cold and harmonizes the stomach, while the skin of ginger is colder and diuretic. Eating it with the skin makes the soup not easy to get angry.

Precautions: Stomach nourishing soup is only suitable for people with cold syndrome, dry mouth, bitter mouth and throat Pain, yellow phlegm and other symptoms of fire, as well as gastric bleeding, ulcers, etc. are not recommended. 02 Tangerine tangerine tangerine tangerine is the white net-like silk on the orange petals, which has the functions of dredging collaterals, regulating qi and reducing phlegm. It is recommended that when you eat oranges, don’t throw away the tangerines, it is best to eat them together.

03 Tangerine Pit

Orange Pit can reduce phlegm and resolve stagnation, targeting the thyroid gland , mammary glands and other body parts, orange pit is also a commonly used medicine.

04 Orange leaf orange leaf soothes the liver and relieves pain. It is often used clinically for breast distending pain, uterine muscle tumor treatment.

A few common questions about oranges 01 What is the difference between oranges, oranges, and oranges ?

Orange: sweet and warm, moistens the lungs, relieves cough and reduces phlegm, but it is easy to get angry after eating, and the throat Painful people eat less. Orange: sweet and sour, slightly cool, nourishing yin to help clear away heat, people with spleen and stomach deficiency eat less. Tangerine: sweet and cold, mainly clearing heat and quenching thirst, and benefiting the intestines and stomach. Cold and pregnant women should avoid it. 02 Can orange peel replace tangerine peel?

Fresh orange peel retains more volatile oil, which has the effect of aromatizing and regulating qi. The leftover orange peels can be used in vegetables, can also be added with water to make a natural air freshener, and can also be fermented to make flower fertilizer. Tangerine peel has a stronger medicinal effect, and has the functions of invigorating the spleen and dehumidification, regulating qi and reducing phlegm, and it is also commonly used clinically. 03 Who should eat less oranges?

Diabetics: Diabetics with unsatisfactory blood sugar control are not recommended to eat oranges. The blood sugar is controlled between 8-10 2 hours after a meal. You can eat a small amount, the best choice For oranges with low sugar content, eat 1-1 and a half oranges each time.

The sugar content of Tangerine is high, not suitable for diabetics△

People who suffer from exogenous wind-cold and get angry: If you eat too many oranges, you will have symptoms similar to getting angry. People who are taking medicine: Some ingredients in oranges may affect the efficacy of the medicine. It is not recommended to eat oranges or drink orange juice while taking medicine.

Adding a step before eating oranges doubles the effect. An old friend of “Health Kitchen”, Mr. Zhang Hong, introduced a cough remedy for her parents-roasted oranges.

Orange peel can dissipate lung energy, dispel coldness, and stimulate it to the greatest extent after baking effect. This kind of roasted orange has a black skin and a strong orange fragrance, which is suitable for people who suffer from cold and cough. Click the video to view the method △ Method: Wash the oranges, dry the water, insert them on unused chopsticks, roast them slowly on a low heat, turn them while roasting, until the orange peels are burnt black, crackling, the fragrance is stronger, and even oranges appear on the oranges. Once the fire is on, that’s it. Then peel and eat the orange flesh.

(Healthy Kitchen)