This disease is actually your brain being “deceived” by your body

▎WuXi AppTec Content Team Editor

hi friends, it’s our interactive game section again – medical painting I guess.

is the most familiar “you draw and I guess” game. The key words guessed in each issue are related to health, disease, medicine, and medical treatment. Let’s guess the riddle together~

Puzzles in this issue

▲Type a disease name. Graphics: WuXi AppTec Content Team

Disease File.

Medical painting I guess

Habits: Seemingly innocent but scheming, appearing suddenly when unsuspecting, playing tricks and causing trouble on the go.

Skills: Displacement, Confusion, Venus in the Eyes, Rainbow Spit in the Mouth.

Favourite prey: Everyone, especially children and pregnant women. People who like to play mobile phones, have an empty stomach, or eat too much are more likely to be approached.

Defense strategy: Try to “practice adaptation” by means of transportation, from short to long distances; eat properly in advance, and choose seats that are not prone to illness; During this period, try not to play with your mobile phone, and try to sleep with your eyes closed; if the symptoms are serious, go to the hospital in time.

Guessing Tips

Many medical terms are complex and abstract, and cannot be drawn casually according to the mechanism.

You can first look at the “Disease and Demon Files” to narrow the scope, then look at the picture, and think about it from multiple perspectives such as homophonic stems, split characters, pictographic metaphors, and abbreviations.