This “detox fruit” is the savior of the body, cleans the intestines, moistens the lungs, detoxifies the face, cleans the garbage, and detours the disease!

Hello, this is Dr. Mi. Recently, there are more and more people coming to the outpatient clinic to see skin problems, either eczema and urticaria, or acne and freckles all over the face. A friend of mine’s daughter is also under a lot of pressure, and pimples appear on her face from time to time. Fighting “pox” is always in waves, red and swollen, and painful to the touch. My friend is so anxious to die, for fear that it will change over time. It’s not that I haven’t taken my daughter to see a doctor, and I have applied various medicines, but the overall effect is average. I asked if there was any good way, and I took a picture. As you can see, her acne is concentrated, mainly on the cheeks. It was big, red, and there was a faint pus that was about to come out, and there were acne marks on the side. I carefully inquired about other symptoms and found that not only did she have long cheeks, but also the forehead near the hairline. Usually easy to dry mouth, but also easy to get angry, toothache. The most important thing is that her constipation is very serious, and her stool is very irregular. She pulls it every 2-3 days, and it is very dry. Combined with the known situation, it is judged that she is: Lung heat + large intestine fire. Many people who come to see the doctor will ask why the acne applicator does not work permanently? Traditional Chinese medicine says, “Those who have internals must form externals.” The external manifestation of the human body must be that there are changes in the human body, and the symptoms cannot be cured. Of course, the problem cannot be completely solved. How to break? Now figs are on the market, I let my friends buy them4-6 fresh figs, washed and peeled , into the pot, add rock sugar and water, bring to a boil, simmer for 15 minutes, and insist on taking it. Or buy 2-3 roses of dried figs, brew them with boiling water, soak them all day and eat them at night. The friend did so. About a week later, she texted me back and happily said: “Doctor Mi, my daughter’s bowel movements are normal after drinking fig water. It doesn’t dry out, and the acne seems to be gone! Figs are really good, it’s more brilliant than medicine!” Yes, I always say that food is medicine, and medicine is also food, but the effect of food is milder, which is also a Chinese medicine diet. unique method. The question is, what is the principle of figs for acne treatment? Acne is medically called “acne” and is generally associated with androgen levels, increased cortical secretion, bacterial infection, abnormal keratinization of sebaceous glands, and inflammation in the body. Mild acne is generally advised to ensure a healthy diet and regular work and rest, and it will subside on its own after a long time; moderate or severe acne, that is, It is a combination of conditions, and you will be prescribed /span>Clickretinoic acid, antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide and other medicines to slow and temporarily attack. But friends who have had acne all know that these methods need to be used for a long time, and once they stop, there is a high probability of recurrence.

What is acne in TCM eyes? Acne in traditional Chinese medicine is called “acne” or “lung wind”, and the “Golden Mirror of Medicine” says: “This syndrome is formed by the heat of the lung meridian and blood, and every time it occurs on the face and nose, Broken pimples, shaped like millet chips, red in color, swollen and painful, white pimples break out, and after a long time, they become white chips, shaped like millet chips.” Where the stomach and large intestine pass through. Its overall pathogenesis can be summarized as excessive blood heat; improper diet, invasion of exogenous pathogens; damp heat and phlegm. To put it bluntly, it is caused by heat in the lungs, stomach, and large intestine.

As in the medical case, my friend’s daughter’s acne is concentrated on the cheeks and forehead, which is the hairline of the forehead, which happens to be the jurisdiction of the lungs and large intestine.She grows. In addition to the factors of hormone fluctuations during puberty, the acne is also related to the fact that she usually eats mainly meat and fish, and hardly eats vegetables.The meat is fat and sweet, and most of the fish are warm in nature. Chinese medicine often says , “Fish makes fire, meat makes phlegm”, if you eat too much heat, the evil will stay in the stomach. Heat will hurt the body, and the intestines will not have enough water to lubricate, and constipation will naturally occur over time. It is a good friend. The heat of the large intestine steams in the lungs, and there will be lung heat. The evil of poisonous heat will break out, and small pimples (acne) will appear on the skin. And figsIt is cooling, it clears heat, and enters the lung, stomach, and large intestine meridians. It is good at stomach and intestines, detoxification and swelling, heat and body fluid. span>So it can dredging the blockage in the lungs and large intestine, clearing the stagnant fire in the body.Toxins in the large intestine and lungs are expelled, the body is clear up and down, acne The acne will disappear naturally.In addition, because figs clear heat and promote fluid, it is pointed out in that figs can cure the throat. Illness. In summer, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large, the heat and cold are not adjusted, and the respiratory system is definitely not good. For some symptoms such as cough, dry throat, a little phlegm, and nose discomfort, can drink on me Said fig water is better for the respiratory system.If the throat is tingling, “Quanzhou Materia Medica”: Ficus dried in the sun, ground into powder, blowing throat< /strong>.If it is too dry, you can With figs + pears: Fresh figs and fresh pears are stewed in a ratio of one to one (dry figs and fresh pears are one to two),< span> Long-term adherence to drinking will bring significant improvement. In addition, figs can also be used for hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are caused by damp heat in the large intestine, and figs are also effective for it. The method is10 fresh figs, boil it with water and wash the affected area. Or use 20gfig leaves, cook for 20 minutes, sit on top and smoke Post wash. Because fig leaves are cool, they can clear away heat and prevent hemorrhoids.

Okay, MMs with acne-prone skin, black pigmentation, and constipation, rush to the duck and get on the figs quickly. Don’t come to see me,No medicine, save money,delicious and beautiful. If you don’t get rid of “blockage” in summer, you will be blocked all year, so let’s start with figs to get rid of “blockage”!

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