They and I are just random strangers, why do they trust me so much?

In the morning, on the way to the airport, I picked up a basin of water with a folding basin and walked to the toilet at the sink in a service area.

A security guard asked me: What are you doing with this big pot of water? I told him: After pooping, wipe it off with a paper and then wash your ass with water! He said, why do you love cleanliness so much?

I told him: “Wiping the buttocks with paper can only reduce the stool that sticks to the skin of the buttocks, but it can’t be completely wiped off. These stools contain some toxic substances and are also pathogenic. Bacteria. Can irritate the skin around the anus, causing a series of lesions, such as hemorrhoids, perianal skin folliculitis, perianal abscess, perianal eczema, etc. Washing with water can prevent and treat most perianal diseases.”

He asked me if I was a doctor, and I was.

He said that he has been feeling itchy around his anus recently. What could be the reason?

I asked him to take off his pants in the toilet and take a look. He has more perianal hair, feces on it, and eczema on the perianal skin!

I told him to wash his buttocks with water after every bowel movement, and then told him to buy Pi Yanping, wash it and apply it. After it doesn’t itch, you can also develop the habit of insisting on washing your butt after defecation.

I posted this little incident on Weibo.

As a result, many people in the comments said, why does the security guard trust you so much and can take off his pants to show you right away?

There is a saying in Buddhists that the Buddha has a destiny.

Sometimes strange cats and dogs are very friendly when they see me. Cats will rub my feet and dogs will rub my feet. Maybe this is fate.

The same goes for people. There are people who trust me more.

I remember around 2012, summer.

I was hooked on mountain biking back in the day. Two friends and I are cycling around the Andi Reservoir for a week.

At that time, a road was still being built between Jinhua Qintan and Jinhua Ruoyang, and there was a 2-kilometer-long sheep intestine trail that crossed the Qintan, a very steep mountain road. You can’t ride a bicycle, you can only carry it.

We sweated a lot during that journey, and we drank the two bottles of water that everyone carried in the car. Everyone is still thirsty. It is a real deep mountain and old forest, and there is no clean water to drink.

After passing the mountain, I rode the mud road (the road under construction) for about a few kilometers, and finally saw a few families in a valley.

One ​​of our families begged for water.

We were greeted by an old man. There is also an old lady at home, and her children work in other places.

We drank water, took a break on the bamboo chairs, and chatted with the old man for a while.

After chatting that I was a doctor, the old man asked me to help him find what was the raised lump on his face? How should it be treated?

I knew at a glance that it was a bean-sized viral wart caused by human papillomavirus infection.

That place is very far from Ruoyang Town, and there is only a bus to the city in Ruoyang.

It is not easy for my uncle to go out to see a doctor.

At that time, I told my uncle that this viral wart can be removed by freezing or electric knife burning, or by my soil method. It’s just that I didn’t bring anesthesia, and it might be a little painful during the procedure. I asked the uncle if he would like me to remove it for him, so as to save the need to go to the hospital.

Uncle agrees immediately.

I took out the screwdriver from the bicycle bag, and it burned red on the gas stove of my uncle’s house, directly scalding the uncle’s virus wart, and burned the basement membrane of the wart. During the whole operation, the uncle did not move.

Because riding a bike often breaks skins, we also carry sanitizers and Band-Aids on the bike. I gave the uncle four Band-Aids and the vial of iodophor cotton swabs.

One ​​band-aid was put on him, and the other three had him detoxified with an iodophor cotton swab every other day and then replaced with a band-aid.

We’ll pass there again in a month to visit again because of this matter.

I found that Uncle’s wound has completely healed, and there is no scar.

Uncle must send us a lot of eggs, but we can’t take them on our bicycles, so I declined.

I just searched my Weibo and I remembered this.

We meet by chance, and I don’t have any documents to prove that I am a doctor. If it is someone else, will I use a red-hot screwdriver to scald the thing growing on his face?

The trust between people is really about fate.

Until fate arrives, everything is in vain.

Buddha has great powers, and he only saves those who are destined!