How often should panties be changed? Can I save it for a week and then wash it?

Stock up panties

Pick a good day and do it all at once is not recommended

It’s easy to bring a big family of germs to the panties

It is best to wash and dry every day

Dry, frizzy, and permed hair

Silicone-based shampoo is recommended

Adds softness and smoothness to hair

If you lick your lips a lot

Use inferior and expired lipstick/lipstick

More likely to cause contact cheilitis, angular cheilitis, etc.

Destroys the skin around the lips

Alopecia areata is related to psychological factors

The more emo, the more prone to alopecia areata

Don’t dye your hair during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Because of ingredients such as p-phenylenediamine in hair dyes

May increase teratogenic risk