These two kinds of town house trees are very precious, they are very beautiful when potted, and they have a good meaning to make the family prosperous

Nowadays, people’s living standards are getting better and better. Everyone likes to grow some plants at home. Many people are not limited to planting flowers and grass at home. Now they start to plant some Potted plants, and potted plants are still somewhat different from ordinary flowers and plants. The integrity of potted plants should be more complete and the ornamental value should be better.


For novices, when choosing plants to plant at the beginning, they are still very particular. Choose those that are easier to plant, so that you will have the confidence to complete the next planting. So today I recommend 2 kinds of plants that can be used as potted plants. They are not only beautiful, but also have good meanings. You can learn how to plant them.

The first type, Pyracantha potted plant

Pyracantha is an evergreen shrub, its The appearance is a bit like the “seabuckthorn” we often see in our life. The difference is that the fruit of Pyracantha is red, and it looks red from a distance. It has high ornamental value. It can not only beautify the environment, but also has a certain Medicinal value, there is a large amount of vitamin C in Pyracantha, which is a fruit with very high nutritional value.


Before planting pyracantha, you must choose loose and well-ventilated soil, and try to It is possible to put some natural fertilizers such as egg skins and rotten vegetable leaves in the soil to make the soil more fertile. Because the root system of Pyracantha is not very developed, it can’t bear the soil that is too wet. If it needs to be watered, it needs to be properly replenished. Don’t let the soil accumulate water.

In order to make Pyracantha grow faster and the fruit look more shiny , so Pyracantha should be placed in the sun for growth, so as to ensure that photosynthesis can be successfully completed, and to ensure good air circulation in the room. If it is found that the pyracantha grows too fast and the branches are entangled with each other, it must be pruned to avoid diseases and insect pests.

The second type, the golden marble potted plant

The appearance of the golden marble The characteristics are also very obvious. Although it is a potted tree, it can bear fruit just like Pyracantha. The fruit is larger and has a golden appearance. It has a beautiful meaning and is very suitable as a potted plant at home. The golden marble is an evergreen plant. Its flowering period is in the spring of our country, and the fruiting period is in the autumn of our country. Generally, the fruit can last for a very long time from February to April. You can enjoy the beauty of the golden marble for a long time.

The value of the golden marble is also rich. Its fruit is fruit, which contains vitamins needed by the human body , glucose, carotene, etc., as well as the effect of laxative. The second is that the golden marble also has certain medicinal value. Moreover, the ripe golden marbles not only have green leaves, but also emit a fresh aroma.

It is very easy to plant golden marble potted plants, because golden marble is a plant that grows in dryness, so the soil does not need to be too wet, if If you water too much, it may damage the root system of the golden marble. At the same time, the golden marble should also be grown in the sun, which will make its leaves greener and grow faster. It is okay during the growth period of the golden marble Apply some fertilizer to prevent the emergence of pests and diseases.

To summarize

Whether it is firethorn or golden marble , are a kind of potted plants that have become popular in recent years and are suitable for planting at home. They also have a high rate of appearance, because they are not only beautiful at home, but also have a good meaning. The most important thing is that planting is not difficult. You can Just buy some seedlings and go back to plant, because the price is cheaper.