500 million molds in 1 gram of cooked tea? Does Pu-erh tea cause cancer? real or fake? tell you the answer

Uncle Zhou: Old Li, what kind of tea are you drinking?

Uncle Li: My daughter and son-in-law bought me Pu’er tea a while back! Come and taste it!

Uncle Zhou: Pu’er tea? Do you still dare to drink?

Uncle Li: What’s wrong? Why don’t you dare to drink it? Isn’t it still a famous tea?

Uncle Zhou: You don’t know? It was said on the Internet that it was carcinogenic before, and it was said that a study found that it contained a lot of mold. Sometimes you should follow the example of young people on the Internet. You love drinking tea so much, but you don’t know anything about it.

Hearing what Uncle Zhou said, Uncle Li became worried. After returning home, he immediately told his daughter the news and asked her how much tea I bought it with money, as Uncle Zhou said, mold can cause cancer, can’t I drink it? In the end, his daughter told him he could drink it, which confused him, one said yes, the other said no, should he still drink it or not?

Among all kinds of tea, Puer tea is more famous Yes, some people will buy it for themselves to drink, and some people will buy it for relatives and friends who love tea. But there are many people who are popular. Regarding it, there is a saying that “1 gram of cooked tea has 500 million molds, drinking it is equivalent to drinking dirty water”. Some people even heard that Pu’er tea causes cancer. Is this true or false? Can I still drink it? Today I will talk to you about what is going on. Friends who dare not drink may wish to take a look at it earlier. The facts may be different from what you think.

First you need to know what does cooked tea mean?

People who love tea may know it,Artificial fermentationIt is cooked tea. Pu-erh tea can be divided into raw and cooked, and raw tea that has not been fermented.

It is said that it has the risk of causing cancer, because Fang Zhouzi mentioned in Weibo before that he said it contains the carcinogen aflatoxin . Ever since, there have been rumors on the Internet that 1 gram of cooked tea has 500 million molds.

500 million molds in 1 gram of cooked tea? There is really aflatoxin in Pu’er tea. Is there a risk of cancer?

The research he said was actually done inwet chamber< /strong>The storage conditions were carried out, and the author of the article pointed out that the samples used in the test were relatively cheap. But generally speaking, Pu-erh tea needs to be stored in dry storage.

In this regard,Chen Zongmao, Honorary Chairman of my country Tea Society< span> said that the fat and protein content in Pu’er tea is very low, which is not the environment that aflatoxin likes, and the tea polyphenols in tea also have an inhibitory effect on it.


An expert from Jiangsu Food and Drug Administration said that after It can be found that some re-fermented teas, may grow mold, but does not It must be pathogenic bacteria, such as Pu’er tea.

It is true that during its fermentation, some microorganisms will indeed be produced, such asAspergillus niger, Qing Mold, but they are not harmful to human health. On the contrary, Aspergillus niger can inhibit the growth of Aspergillus flavus.

It can be seen that it is not as terrible as it is said in the legend. Generally speaking, the probability of aflatoxin appearing in it is very low. The reason why it was detected may be related to the use of contaminated tea leaves, or an error in the detection method.

So, it is still drinkable. However, everyone should pay attention when purchasing, it is best not to buy the price is too low, it may not be stored in dry storage, and do not Buyobviously moldy, no matter how cheap it isDon’t buy, or leaf bottoms are soft and rotten, with variegated colors, it is not recommended for everyone to buy.

In addition, whether you drink Pu’er tea or other types of tea, I hope you will pay attention to the following points:

Don’t drink tea that is too hot. The hotter the tea, the better. Drinking it like this is not conducive to the health of the esophagus.

However, for aflatoxin,Everyone really needs to pay attention to it. Although Pu-erh tea is generally not easy to produce, it is more likely to be produced in some other foods, such as the following.

It is often found in nuts such as peanuts and walnuts, and some self-pressed oils. In addition to food, if wooden chopsticks and cutting boards are not cleaned in time after use, may also produce food.

I would like to remind everyone not to hoard too much of these foods at one time. The wooden tableware in the kitchen should be cleaned in time and replaced regularly. For foods such as vegetables and fruits, if you find that they have grown hair and have a peculiar smell, it is also recommended not to continue to eat them. Remind the elderly at home not to save by mistake.

There are still some theories about drinking tea, such as the following two, what is the truth? Let me tell you all about it below.

One: Drinking tea immediately after a meal helps digestion?

Many people have this habit. It is actually okay to drink after a meal. The key lies in the word “immediately”. Drinking it may be bad for your health. Because it contains a certain amount of tannic acid, if you drink it immediately, it will combine with the protein in the food, and will insteadAffects digestion. So I suggest you drink it after a while.

Second:Drinking tea can relieve hangover?

“Come, drink some tea to hangover”, “Drinking strong tea is good for quitting alcohol”, some people may think so, but in fact it is just the substances in it that make people excited , giving people the illusion, in fact it plays a rolevery limited It’s not reliable. If you drink strong tea, even worse, it may increase the burden on your body and cause discomfort.

As for tea, if you like to drink it, you can continue to drink it. You don’t have to stop drinking it because of the above rumors about Pu’er tea. Drink tea in the right amount , It is both internal and external. If you don’t like drinking tea, there is no need to follow suit, and you don’t have to force yourself.

Forfriends who drink both wine and tea , remind everyone to pay attention, don’t think that this can offset the harm of alcohol to the body, it is not good to offset it directly, you can continue to drink tea, but it is recommended to quit drinking as soon as possible.

The above is the content of this rumor about Pu’er tea, as well as some places and misunderstandings that should be paid attention to when drinking tea. I hope that friends who love tea We have a correct understanding of this.