These three old “micro-communities” in Changning are about to undergo a major renovation! First look at the renderings

Shuangliu Community in Xinjing Town, Lane 1100 Hami Road, Lane 291 Weining Road are typical old miniature district. These 3 communities are about to usher in the transformation of boutique communities. At present, the design plan and renderings have been announced, come and have a sneak peek~

Shuangliu Community, Lane 1100 of Hami Road, and Lane 291 of Weining Road were built in the 1980s and 1990s. Each community has only 2-3 multi-storey buildings, and the number of households varies from 30 to 146. etc. The proportion of the elderly is large, which is a typical old micro-community. With the passage of time, these communities are facing problems such as parking difficulties, congested roads, travel difficulties, insufficient supporting facilities, few activity venues, difficulty in drying, varying degrees of damage to residential public areas, and damage to public spaces such as corridors. The boutique community renovation project can make these old communities “reverse growth”.

The reporter learned that, The content of this renovation includes infrastructure, road traffic improvement, and landscape improvement. It comprehensively renovates and transforms the individual houses, outdoor environment, and ancillary facilities of the community to make the old community beautiful again.

Shuangliu Community

Shuangliu Community is located at Lane 54, Shuangliu Road, Changning District. There are currently 3 It is a multi-storey residential building with 140 residents. The renovation of this boutique community is carried out around house renovation and repair, underground pipeline renovation, road space expansion and greening improvement, etc., to create a comfortable and clean living environment for residents.

The main entrance is planned as a node, and facilities such as express cabinets, bulletin boards, electronic display screens, home guide signs, and cameras are re-planned. The community will carry out unified planning for the existing motor vehicle parking spaces, and add motor vehicle parking spaces and non-motor vehicle parking sheds to facilitate residents’ travel.

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The original site in the southeast area of ​​the community will be upgraded and remodeled to set up children’s play area and fitness Leisure area. The children’s activity area will integrate and transplant the existing trees, make some untransplantable trees into tree pools on the spot, and add children’s play galleries and drawing board landscape walls to improve the comfort and interaction of the site; the fitness and leisure area will A semi-enclosed leisure and entertainment space will be created by combining bar-shaped tree pools and bar-shaped chairs. The overall stone pavement is mainly used to facilitate the rest and travel of the elderly.

Lane 1100 Hami Road

< p data-track="20">The community at Lane 1100, Hami Road faces Hami Road to the west, Xinjing Port to the north, and Zhongxinjing Park and Fahua Temple to the opposite. The community contains 2 multi-storey residences, There are 30 households. This renovation takes the white walls and black tiles of the “Jiangnan water town” as the main design elements. , Leisure squares and other landscapes connect the residents’ cultural memory in series.

The original sloping greenery is transformed into a platform micro-space suitable for leisure and fitness for the elderly. Through reintegrating planning, fitness equipment and benches are added, and gray and white are set The characteristic low wall of the landscape is adjusted to enhance the atmosphere of the site.

Lane 291, Weining Road

The residential complex at Lane 291, Weining Road has old facilities, poor environment, and weak supporting facilities. This renovation involves 3 multi-storey residential buildings. Through this transformation, the public facilities in the community will usher in a substantial improvement, both in terms of appearance and function.

A ​​triangular area in the community will be upgraded to be suitable for the whole A place for leisure and communication for residents of all age groups. By demolishing or renovating existing facilities, adding glass corridors, leisure tree pool benches and fitness equipment to improve the practicability of the site.

(Note: The above renderings are for reference only)

The picture is from Xinjing Town

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