These acquaintances, no matter how good they are with you, are here to torture you


There is such a word among the people——Do not eat if you are not cooked .

Every bird that lives on a tree prefers to eat “ripe” fruits. Everyone who has been in the rivers and lakes for many years likesto take advantage of those around him.

No matter how scary outsiders are, we also have certain psychological defenses, but they can’t harm us. What’s more, we have not offended others, and others will not be so bored as to “make enemies everywhere”.

Only acquaintances have a certain relationship with us, and both parties know the bottom line, so we should be on guard against them, will be greatly reduced, and there is basically no defense. In this way, it is relatively simple for them to harm us.

There is such a saying on the Internet:“The more acquainted you are, the easier it is to harm others.”< /span>

Many people will say that acquaintances have a certain relationship with us, and the friendship is very good, why do they still harm us? Could it be that they have no kind heart?

People, it is better not to trust others blindly. Just because we are kind does not mean that others are also kind. Perhaps, some people are bad beyond our imagination.

These types of acquaintances who deliberately approach us are mostly poor and come to torture us.

1. An acquaintance who has never been with us.

As long as relatives or acquaintances lack these three words, no matter how good our relationship with them is, they will betray us. These three words are “one heart”.

The relatives and friends who are “one heart” with us, they will not harm us, nor will they offend us easily, but they will have more sincerity and respect , Keep the relationship between the two sides in mind.

It’s just that there are too few people like this who “same heart” with us. BecauseEveryone has their own little abacus, and everyone has their own pursuit of interests. So, who will treat us sincerely?

When interacting with others, it is best to follow this principle:Everyone has his own ambitions, so don’t Force yourself, and don’t force others. No matter how bad it is, the two sides should reduce their exchanges and go their separate ways.

Honest people don’t think so. In their view, as long as I treat others well, others will treat me well. Because I am kind, I will definitely be able to impress others, and there will be good rewards.

Their concept is quite “licking” in it, and it will not have good results. Be a human being, less “lick” others, and more equal dealings. That’s fine.

Second, acquaintances with kind faces and dark hearts.

There is a folk saying:“The most afraid of wolves in sheep’s clothing. “

Wolf, originally a particularly terrifying creature. In order to get close to the flock and keep the sheep from paying attention, they will choose to wear sheepskin and pretend to be kind and honest.Appearance, to gain the trust of the flock.

Once the flock trusts them, they will immediately attack and eat the sheep that trust them. Neither will be merciful.

Maybe, we will blame these “wolves” for not being grateful. However, the law of the jungle and competition with each other, this is the truth of nature, who can change it?

In human society, the truth is similar. Acquaintances around us are also likely to be wolves in sheep’s clothing. They have a kind face and a dark heart, and they approach us with pretended kindness for the purpose of seeking benefits.

People, after all, it isNo benefit, no early creatures. If we always see people too kindly, then the tragedy of “good people being bullied” will appear. Everything is the inevitable result of “improper knowledge of people”.

Third, an acquaintance who is extremely restless.

People are in the rivers and lakes, if you want to see through a person, you must first grasp these two words-safety.

A peaceful person is generally an honest person. If they are not honest people, then most of them are not law-abiding people, they are more restless in their hearts, and they will do a lot of things that “cause right and wrong troubles”.

Some acquaintances see that your family is more stable, so they come to “separate dissension” , see if you can pick a fight in your family. Those who don’t have much opinion may just listen to the words of their acquaintances and go home to quarrel with their relatives.

Some acquaintances see that you have a good relationship with someone, so they come to “gossip” , but also add fuel and vinegar, so that you have a rift in the relationship with it. In this way, they can sit on the sidelines and watch the play.

The reason why people feel “restless” is because they have “fear The world is not chaotic”nature. Not everyone can stick to their duties and behave honestly.

For these restless acquaintances, try not to talk to them or communicate with them, so as to avoid getting involved in right and wrong.

Fourth, always making trouble relatives and friends.

Some people are unlucky, and they are very emotional, who knows that they met brothers and sisters who are more ruthless. These brothers and sisters are always messing up and letting them clean up the mess.

They also know that as long as they are cruel to these people, they can get rid of the endless burden of responsibility. But in fact, if they can’t be cruel, they can only be manipulated by others.

As the saying goes: “Lightning strikes a true filial son, and riches make a cruel man.”

In reality, the end of a true filial son is often worse than that of an unfilial son. The former was responsible to the end, while the latter shirked responsibility and made trouble for the former everywhere. The former can only become a “taken advantage of”.

This is what we often say “Being able to do things is not as good as being able to talk and shirking responsibility of”. Perhaps, we can complain about the indifference of human nature, or feel the desolation of the world.

It’s just that there is a reality that will never change. Relatives and friends who make trouble and shirk their responsibilities will exist after all, because this is impossible Abandoned human nature.

Text/Deer in Shushan