After a light snowfall, the cold will become stronger, and health preservation should be based on “Tibetan”

1. After a light snowfall, the coldness will become stronger, and we will use “Tibet” as a nourishment

Xiaoxue has arrived, as the old saying goes: “Xiaoxue’s air is cold and it will snow”. This also means that the winter chill is getting stronger.

If we are good at perceiving changes in weather and phenology, we will find that the beginning of winter is often a “Fake winter”, the temperature did not drop significantly. And when it comes to the light snow solar term, there is a feeling of changing seasons overnight. The temperature in most parts of the north gradually drops below 0℃, and the winter mode in the south really starts .

Small snow is the second solar term in winter, our health regimen should follow the principle of “Tibet” way of raising.

In winter, the sunlight is no longer strong, the yang energy is hidden, and the human body’s yang energy is also hidden In the body, Yin Qi is extremely strong, and health preservation should also follow the law of nature’s closed storage, pay attention to adding clothes to keep warm, maintain mental and emotional tranquility, conceal without revealing, and stay away from anxiety.

< span>2. Stay warm while avoiding the cold, avoid overheating and sweating

We say, keep warm in winter and hide your body well. Especially after light snow, the weather is getting colder every day, so “keep warm while avoiding the cold”,“stay” in Home is also a kind of health preservation.

However, be careful not to overheat. The room temperature should be 18-25°C. If it is too low or too low, it is not good for health, and it will also reduce human immunity.

Not only should we pay attention to avoid excessive heating, but also beware of excessive exercise, which will cause profuse sweating.

Winter, Due to the cold weather and the lack of heat in the body, the various organs of the body are not as active as in other seasons, and the circulation of Qi and blood is slow. Excessive exercise can easily lead to dizziness, chest tightness, shortness of breath and other discomforts, which will put pressure on the heart.

Moreover, profuse sweating will cause the skin to vent too much and accelerate the loss of body heat. Not only can it not achieve the purpose of exercising, it may also endanger health.

Many people think that in winter, they should exercise well, sweat hard and keep their bodies warm. We also often see people exercising vigorously outdoors, including many elderly people.

Actually, this understanding is really biased. It’s not that you can’t exercise in winter, but excessive exercise is not as healthy as basking in the sun quietly.

3. Practicing natural Tai Chi, “micro-movement” is healthier

It is mentioned in “Plain Questions·Four Atmospheric Regulations” that Dongyue’s health regimen has these key words:Occlusion nourishes storage, avoids cold and keeps warm, and does not vent the skin .

The wind in winter is particularly fierce, biting to the bone and causing disease. The body should be sheltered from the wind to keep warm. Do not exercise early in the morning, let alone strenuous exercise. Exercise should also be light and slow. We recommend everyone to practice natural Tai Chi.

Natural Tai Chi is a set of static and vivid health-preserving exercises. This set of exercisesis not limited to fixed movements. By guiding our thoughts, imagining several important acupoints of the body, mobilizing the power of the five internal organs to impact the twelve meridians, allowing the body to make various actions spontaneously, so as to dredge the meridians of the whole body and let the blood flow .

When we follow the natural Tai Chi music Guide the Qi with the mind, store the Qi in the navel, make the Qi overflow and spread to all parts of the body, then the Qi will flow and the blood will flow, and the blood will circulate.

Driven by Qi, all parts of the body will dance freely and perform various movements, blocking During this process, the stuck points will be gradually cleared, and at the same time, it will play the role of proper movement of muscles and bones.

In the process of practicing natural Tai Chi, the body will sweat slightly, but not sweat profusely. It uses the method of “slow fire and quiet” to balance the ups and downs of the qi movement in the viscera, clear the blocked meridians, and let the qi and blood flow more smoothly. While warming our bodies, it can also calm the impetuous heart.

Practicing natural Tai Chi in your spare time is also a process of connecting with yourself and self-awareness. From movements, to bodily feelings, and then to emotional level, one can go deeper layer by layer, perceive many previously unaware emotions, and then vent them through various actions.

Text/Ran Health Hologram