These 6 habits are easy to induce prostatitis, if you have it, you should correct it in time

Prostatitis is a type of acute and chronic inflammation caused by bacterial infection. After suffering from prostatitis, the patient will have a series of urination changes, such as frequency urination, dysuria, urinary tract obstruction and other symptoms.

In addition, in the pelvis part of the patient, there will be relatively obvious pain. Prostatitis infection for a long time will affect men’s sexual function and fertility, which poses a greater threat to men’s health.

Only in recent years, the incidence of prostatitis is particularly high, which is mainly caused by some bad habits. So, what are the bad habits that cause prostatitis?

Which bad habits are easy to induce prostatitis?

One , local cold

In daily life, most women will do a good job of keeping the abdomen and waist warm, otherwise, it is easy to cause menstruation Discord and other gynecological problems.

And for most men, they don’t pay attention to their own warmth. If a man has cold in the waist and abdomen for a long time, it will affect the blood circulation in the pelvic area, which will slow down the blood circulation in the prostate area.

Under this phenomenon, the secretion of prostatic fluid is easily affected, resulting in prostatitis.

Second, long-term sedentary

In daily life, the majority of prostate patients belong to the office population and drivers.

These men experience prolonged sedentary behavior, which can cause congestion in the pelvic area and cause the prostate to remain in a state of edema.

Then, some metabolites cannot be excreted in time, resulting in blockage of the prostatic duct, resulting in inflammation.

Third, eating too much spicy food

Most men especially like to eat some spicy food, such as chili food.

These foods can irritate the prostate in men, causing the prostate blood vessels to dilate and become congested.

In this state, there will be some inflammation in the prostate area.

IV. Excessive drinking

Long-term drinking men are many times more likely to have prostatitis than men who do not drink alcohol. Alcohol can cause a toxic reaction to the male gonads, which can lead to sexual dysfunction.

In addition, the components in alcohol will make the prostate gland swell, and some prostatic fluid and metabolites cannot be discharged in time, which will cause inflammation.

V. Urethritis

For men with urethritis, or recurrent inflammation of the urethra, the chances of contracting prostatitis are many times greater.

If there is inflammation in the urethra, some pathogenic bacteria will spread through the urethra into the prostate, thereby causing prostatitis.

Six, sex life without rules

One of the main factors of having prostatitis has a lot to do with the irregularity of sex in men. For example, long-term masturbation and frequent sex in men will make the prostate gland continue to hyperemia and edema.

In addition, if the phenomenon of forbearance of ejaculation occurs, it is easy to cause congestion in the prostate area, resulting in prostatitis.

All in all, the appearance of prostatitis is related to the bad behavior, living habits, and eating habits of men.

Therefore, if you want to avoid prostatitis or prevent the recurrence of prostatitis, you must change the above Bad habits.

In addition, men must add more water in their daily life, which can clean the urethra and promote the discharge of prostate secretions by urinating. /p>

You should also have appropriate exercise every day, which plays an important role in improving local blood circulation and preventing prostatitis.