There is a kind of treatment called “tossing”: (9) Looking for home remedies

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Go to Beijing to see a doctor on the ninth day of March 2001 in the lunar calendar , After coming back on March 14th, Zhang was full of joy, thinking that his disease was finally seen through, and he could be cured now.

However, things don’t go as planned, and things are always unexpected. In the first half month of taking the medicine, it was relieved very much. Zhang was very fond of it, but after a month, the condition remained the same, and even worsened. Coupled with the fatigue, there is a lot of farm work in the fields. Although I don’t work very much, I have to worry about the logistical work of the laborers who are hired every day. Zhang was completely disheartened, hated God’s injustice, and hated his bad luck!

Zhang Mou went to the big hospital several times to see a doctor, which cost a lot of money. It can be said that the savings in the past few years have been spent more than half, almost a hundred thousand, and the family’s savings have been left. Few, there is still a family to live, but also to hire people to work, eat and drink, and the expenses are also amazing. Helpless to think over and over again, decided to find a remedies to cure the disease.

After making the decision, Zhang began to inquire about the remedies everywhere. As long as someone said it, he would go home and try it. It takes ten days and a half to eat a single recipe, but he tried a lot. The remedies didn’t work. The disease has been tormenting Zhang Mou, causing Zhang Mou to suffer unbearably!

Zhang had been taking home remedies for more than half a year, but it didn’t work. He was very depressed, and he seemed to lose a lot of weight. In the blink of an eye, time has entered the season of late autumn and early winter. Although Zhang sold his tobacco leaves well this year and earned 60,000 to 70,000 yuan, the cost of hiring people was too high, and there was not much left, not as much as in previous years.

Zhang was really worried about his illness. Slowly, he felt a lot of doubts, had a strange temper, would get angry for no reason, and was very irritable. See you People don’t have anything else to say, they talk most about their own illness.

Alas, once people have money, they feel like they are floating, and they want the best service, the best treatment, and I have to use money to pay for it. Prove myself, I can buy everything I need with money, and I can cure the disease as long as I spend money, so I swelled up and sprinkled money everywhere to prove myself. They never thought about what I need to do on the ground? As a result, the disease became more and more serious, or it could not be cured. Resulting in their own illnesses are mildly severe, heavy and mildly, repeatedly, protracted and difficult to heal! Zhang is such a person.

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