There are “relatives” in the family who are leaving, and these signs will appear in advance, implying that they will go back.

There is a poem that goes: “The world has its own return date, who can enjoy the thousand-year blessing?”

In this world, no matter how rich a person is, how capable he is, how talented he is, how rich his family business is , In fact, everyone has the day when they go back.

Like the leaves on a tree,It is very green in spring and vigorous in summer Vitality will wither in autumn and turn into dust in winter.

Life is a hundred years. In the final analysis, this hundred years is a journey of “spring, summer, autumn and winter”.

Before the age of 25, our life is full of spring; from 25 to 50, our life is as lively as summer; from 50 to During the period of 75 years old, life gradually becomes bleak and withered; after 75 years old, the winter of life will come, so if we live an extra day, it can be regarded as an extra day we earn.

It can only be said that no one can change the life experience of the “four seasons”. Once you get in the car, you have to keep driving. When you arrive at the station, you need to leave.

There is a saying that is particularly good,The end of the song is a dream, The prosperity is gone. At the end of the day, it’s all “nothing”.

There are relatives in the family who are leaving, and these signs will appear in advance, so we have to be mentally prepared.

One, they want to go back to their hometown for the rest of their lives.

There are many old people in their 70s and 80s who have lived in big cities for many years, and finally want to go back to their hometown.

Although the medical conditions in their hometown are average and not developed, the plants and trees in their hometown make them feel very cordial . People, the yearning for their hometown cannot be changed in a lifetime.

A psychological researcher put forward a point of view,People’s longing for their hometown will follow As the age grows, it becomes more and more intense.

At the age of 20, we hoped to escape from our hometown; at the age of 30, we still felt that big cities were better; at the age of 40 That year, we suddenly recalled our hometown in the past.

The frequency of this kind of “reminiscence” will become higher and higher. We don’t want to stay in other places when we are sixty years old. Returning to the roots of fallen leaves is a person’s last choice.

If the relatives around you are getting old and want to return to their hometown to end the rest of their lives, let them fulfill their wishes. This may be their last wish.

Second, they often talk about their predecessors thing.

The older a person is, the more such a contradiction will appear—— I can’t remember the current events clearly, but I have a deep impression on the events decades ago.

Why does this contradictory situation appear? Because human beings are particularly “nostalgic” creatures. This kind of nostalgic feeling will also become stronger as people grow older.

Just keep upThe “homesickness” mentioned in the article is the same. People, if they don’t miss the past, if they don’t retain the purest feelings, how can they recall the people and things in the past?

The evil of man is caused by the day after tomorrow. The purity of people is still deeply hidden in the heart. When you are old, you will lose all your charms, and you will naturally miss those who have left.

There are too many old people who will talk about the people and things in the past before going back, which means span>The door of dusty memory has been opened, and the life of a person should almost come to an end.

The past of the past, the present of the present, and the future of the future are all a microcosm of the historical picture. There will be a day when it will turn into dust.

Third, their treatment of you The attitude suddenly changed.

I have seen such a case.

The relationship between Uncle Chen and his third son has not been very good. From the moment the third son stayed away from him at the age of 25, he was very concerned about this The son didn’t like it very much, and it was assumed that he had never raised this son.

Until the age of 65, Uncle Chen always maintained this attitude, treating his third son as an outsider and not treating him as a relative at all.

After 65 years old, Uncle Chen, who is 66 years old, suddenly remembered his third son, and< strong>I really want to see him, so I asked the eldest son and the second son to contact him.

Fortunately, the second son is middle-aged and knows the importance of family affection, so he met his father and told him , In the future, he wants to stay with his father and take care of him.

Uncle Chen is also very happy. However, two days after he met his third son, he left in his sleep and walked away peacefully.

Afterwards, the family members realized thatIt turned out that the old man felt that his time was running out, so he wanted to see When I saw my son. When he was satisfied and had no worries, he left.

Fourth, I often dream that I have Returning people.

Anyone who has taken care of the elderly knows that when the elderly leave, they often have dreams. The content of dreams is mostly related to people who have left.

When it comes to these “dreams”, people are more afraid and feel unlucky. In fact, we don’t need to have this kind of thinking. It is normal for the elderly to dream about their deceased relatives.

From the perspective of dream psychology,Because the elderly have reached a certain age, they are about to run out Dry, so their brains will extract past memories, allowing them to recall past people and things in their dreams.

Many old people who are about to go home will tell their people that they dreamed that someone from the past came to “pick” them back home.

This sounds scary, but in fact everyone will have such a dream. When people are old, it is natural to look back on the past. And looking back on the past, it is inevitable to recall those who have passed away.

So, as a junior, cherish the loved ones in front of you, and be filial in time while you are still young them. In this way, there will be no regrets.

Text/Deer in Shushan