There are more than 400 kinds of mangosteen in the world, I have only eaten more than 100 kinds

There are more than 400 species of mangosteen in the world,

I’ve only eaten more than 100 of them.

Yang Xiaoyang·Fruit Hunter

Gezhi Lun Dao No. 69 | June 19, 2021 Beijing

Hello everyone, my name is Yang Xiaoyang, a fruit hunter, today I would like to talk with you about Wandering with the Fruits. .

Maybe many people heard the word fruit hunter for the first time today. In fact, our profession is to search for fruits all over the world. Then many people will say: “You can go all over the world, why are you still wandering?” After listening to my sharing today, everyone will know what our work is like.

Those things about drilling in the woods

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In the imagination of many people, our work is like the photo below, wearing sunglasses and various equipment, going to various forests, looking very cool.

Everyone imagines the work scene of a fruit hunter

Drilling in the woods is similar to going to the mall. While visiting the mall, we know what the store sells. If you want to buy something, just go in and buy it. When we were drilling the woods, we didn’t know where the thing we were looking for was. We might have searched for a long time and couldn’t find it, or even went several times and couldn’t find it. Maybe we wanted to find A this time, but found B and C, so there are a lot of uncertainties.

Like this time when I was going through the forest, I was about to leave when I suddenly felt a rushing sound in my head. I hugged my head and hid for the first time, but a fruit fell behind me.

Guess what the fruit fell behind me? Many people think it may be chestnuts, but the thorns of chestnuts are relatively irregular, and the thorns of this fruit are relatively regular. Then I opened it, and after opening it, everyone could see what kind of fruit it was.

This fruit is durian, and a very rare red-fleshed durian. People usually eat only white-fleshed durians, or durians with pale yellow flesh and dark yellow flesh, and rarely eat red-fleshed durians.

Durian we found in the woods

So we searched in that forest for a while, and after going out, we searched a lot of places, and finally sorted out a small plate of durians. We ate one by one to taste the taste of durian. This is one thing I’m doing.

Different types of durians

Durian is not only a little bit of species that we usually come into contact with, in fact, it has a lot of taxa. I personally have some obsessive-compulsive disorder, and if I want to eat it, I have to eat it to the extreme. In this way, a row of gradient colors is placed, and the white and non-colored ones are not required, and then they are eaten in rows.

Of course, these fruits are not easy to find. Not that we went there and found them all crackling and waiting for us to eat, not at all. When we go to the forest, we will find that in many cases, its environment is relatively dark, and it is not so easy to find a fruit. possibleWe go once to find one, or twice to find one.

After collecting these types of durians, I found that there are actually some more rare durian varieties that I have not found. Of course, there are also some rarer individuals in the types we collect.

Like this Golden Durian in the photo. The pulp of golden durian is basically golden yellow, but this is a very rare individual whose pulp is red. In the current data and related studies, we have not found any relevant records of such individuals, which are very rare.

We went to the woods to look for fruit, and it was all about nature giving us a meal. I feel like a homeless person in front of nature. It’s not something you can buy with money, it’s hard to find fruit in the woods. Sometimes it is really what is in the woods that we can eat.

Not only are there forests to enjoy and eat, but sometimes it also depends on monkeys, squirrels and luck

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Something more interesting happened while we were in the woods. Once in the woods of Malaysia I saw a very tall tree. It was too high, and the trunk was so straight and smooth that it was impossible to climb up. But I saw the tree covered with fruit again, and I wondered how I could pluck the fruit. My first reaction was to pull the fruit down or toss it down, but after trying it I found that it didn’t work.

Malay Jackfruit

I then found a group of monkeys eating breakfast in the tree, and I wondered if I could interact with them and make eye contact. They might think I’m invasive, or that I’m skinny and look like their kin, and they end up throwing a jackfruit down at me anyway.

Malay Jackfruit

I went over to pick up this jackfruit, and after opening it, I found that it was a white-fleshed jackfruit, different from the yellow-fleshed jackfruit we usually eat. And this jackfruit tastes very soft, waxy and sweet, and I am drooling when I think about it now. So not only are the forests enjoying the rice, but also the monkeys.

Once in Brunei I heard a beep beeping on the side of the road. I thought to myself that this was the sound of something, and then saw a squirrel lying on a very thick tree trunk. This is a plantain squirrel, a relatively common species in Southeast Asia. Its head is down, and its tail is constantly shaking and beeping.

I wonder what this squirrel is doing, it must be protecting something, or it is swearing its territory. If it doesn’t make a beeping sound, I won’t find it yet. As soon as it makes a sound, I carefully observed it, circled around the tree, and finally found a lot of the fruits in the photo in this ditch. This fruit is called Prainea limpato.

As you can see, there are many traces of squirrels on the ground, they have eaten. So I saw if I could find a leak. Fortunately, there was a large piece of land in it, and I found two fruits. If we look carefully, we can find that there are many fruits that they have eaten, so this is a meal for squirrels.

Sometimes finding fruit really depends on luck. The picture above is a photo taken in Changbai Mountain in the northeast. Can you find the fruit in the photo? It’s these little red dots. In fact, it was already September when I went to Changbai Mountain, and the weather was very cold. This is a very common local wild fruit called tripe, which looks like a raspberry.

This fruit should be very common locally, but we couldn’t find it because it was out of season. We gave up after two days of searching, so we were ready to leave. On the way back to the airport, the driver and I were in a hurry, so we got off the bus for convenience. When I was about to leave, there was a sudden turning point. I saw something on the ground, a little red? I took a closer look and this was the tripe tripe I was looking for.

Accidentally acquired tripe belly

I was so anxious because it was “contaminated” by me. I was struggling in my heart, hesitating whether to eat or not. When I made up my mind to pick it up, my driver ran over with a handful of beef tripe in his hand. He said, “Look at how much I have, eat it, eat mine.” But the problem is, I’m not sure if the tripe tripe he brought was “contaminated” by him.

All in all, I said, “Forget it, it’s not clean, and you won’t get sick after eating it.” It turned out that the taste was very special, so I won’t describe the specific taste. This is luck eating.

So, whether you are a rich billionaire or an ordinary commoner, it is the same in the forest. We are small moving creatures in front of nature, and we have no fixed place to live. If we say it is tall or foreign, we are called fruit hunters; if we say it badly or if it is low, we are people who wander with fruit.

Once we accept this setting, the whole person’s mentality will be very peaceful, and many things will be very logical.

My Fruit Wandering Journey

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We often go to some forests or rainforests to communicate with the local indigenous people. They have lived here since they were children, and the photos below show their makeshift huts there. Now their lives have been urbanized. They lived in the city for a while, and built such a thatched hut when the fruit was ripe, and then went to the mountains to find fruit in the forest to sell.

We can’t communicate verbally when we see each other, so what? So I pointed at the fruit and made an eating action, and he handed it to me to eat. He said a word that I didn’t understand at all. As soon as I tasted the fruit, I replied with emojis, we communicate purely through emojis.

He also prescribed me a lot of durians, bitter, coffee and chocolate. These are what he liked to eat very much when he was a child, and he grew up eating these fruits. His smile is the biggest affirmation to me.

I found these stories to be particularly interesting and posted these photos and events online. So many netizens contacted me and wanted to invite me to their homes, which all have manors or orchards. Usually it is not they themselves who invite me, but their grandfather or elder.

When their elders were young, like me, they traveled all over the world and collected all kinds of fruits. For example, where the branches of rambutan are particularly good, bring back that branch. They also collected some particularly good fruits, such as mangosteen, lychee and longan.

The man in the photo is in his 90s and has an orchard at home. He is an architect and plays the piano every day. After playing the piano, he goes around the orchard and picks some fruit from the fruit trees planted by his ancestors. Some fruit trees are more than 300 years old, and it is difficult to eat the fruit of such old fruit trees elsewhere. I really ate a lot of fruit from him that I couldn’t find anywhere else.

With everyone’s help, I have been moving forward in the field of fruit exploration and fruit wandering, eating a lot of fruit.

Those odd fruits

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Probably few people have eaten the fruit in the photo below. Do you think it is jackfruit? But it’s actually durian honey, the brother of jackfruit.

It’s not the same as jackfruit, the difference is that its pulp has a particularly strong aroma, this is a very typical difference. And many people have only eaten jackfruit with white meat, not jackfruit with yellow meat.

Shown here are some cantaloupe, tree tomatoes and passion fruit. There are several varieties of cantaloupe here.

And of course there is Mystery Fruit, what kind of existence is a miracle fruit? It has a special kind of miracle fruit protein, after eating it, it will change the taste on our tongue, and the lemon will be sweet when we eat it. This is also a very strange fruit.

There’s also baobab, which has an alias called Dead Mouse Tree. This is because once it matures, its peel starts to turn grey, like dead mice hanging from the tree.

We see baobabs in many popular science books. Many people say it tastes like bread, but they are completely wrong. After we opened the baobab, it looked like this in the photo below.

It had seeds in it, and it was not what I expected. I was shocked when I first ate it, and I gnawed my teeth when I ate it. Its pulp is crunchy, like dried fruit, and it tastes sweet and sour, not pure sweet.

What does a real breadfruit look like? In fact, it looks like the green fruit in the picture above. It is also related to jackfruit and is the brother of jackfruit. The stick-shaped fruit at the bottom left of the photo is cassava.

How to eat breadfruit? The local way of eating is more authentic, that is, after roasting the whole fruit, tear it apart and eat it on the spot, it is really like toasted bread. Some modern eating methods are to scrape the skin of the breadfruit, cut it into slices, and then fry, boil, stew curry, etc. It is also very fun.

Cherry mangosteen (upper left), ridged mangosteen (upper right), red mangosteen (lower left) and crooked neck (lower right)

Of course I have also eaten some mangosteen, such as cherry mangosteen, ridge fruit mangosteen, red skin mangosteen (mountain phoenix fruit), etc. Various mangosteens. I also ate some crooked neck fruit. worldwideThere are more than 400 kinds of mangosteen, I have only eaten more than 100 kinds, and there is still a long way to go.

There are also some fruits that we fruit hunters are more envious of, such as Five-folded fruit. This fruit is rather strange, and its calyx is rolled inward at the beginning. As it matures, it begins to roll out. When it is fully ripe and dropped, it flips over and falls to the ground.

I’ll be there watching it while it’s ripe. The folded five-tree fruit was originally hanging. When it matured, it began to turn upwards. After turning it, it fell to the ground. As soon as the wind blew it to the ground, the fruit just landed upwards, and there were few mistakes, unless it was blocked by leaves. . This is also a fun fruit.

This is Water Coconut, shaped like a Pegasus meteor hammer. But after cutting it, we found that it has a very soft interior. Regarding the water coconut, we have made a documentary “Fruit Biography”. If you are interested, you can search for it.

Wood milk fruit is also an amazing family. Shown in the photo is the Dagumoshu Milkfruit, which is a very large fruit. The wood milk fruit or Sanya fruit we usually eat in China is relatively small, and there are few individuals with this yellow flesh. The yellow-fleshed wood milk fruit is very sweet, and the white-fleshed wood milk fruit is slightly sour.

Also in the wood milk fruit family is Red cone wood milk fruit, which is also amazing. In the rain forests of Southeast Asia, we can see that the color is actually very dark, and it is usually invisible. It’s all flowers from old stems, fruits from old stems, and there’s a bunch of fruit. Once it came to fruition, each was covered with ruby-like fruit, which stood out in the entire rainforest. We see the red from afar, and we must climb the tree for a moment, otherwise I will be sorry for it.

I have been exploring for nearly 10 years and have harvested all kinds of fruits, which are the gifts of nature. Sometimes it is the fruit lost by the monkey, sometimes it is the fruit given by the squirrel, it is all kinds of luck anyway. Together, I have almost eaten more than 1,000 kinds of fruits from all over the world.

Opening the Road to Fruit Science

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The COVID-19 outbreak broke out a while ago, so I returned home. After returning to China, I began to write some popular science articles and post some popular science videos on the Internet.

Then someone told me to go to Bilibili to register an account, I said: “Isn’t Bilibili a two-dimensional? Isn’t it a woman’s dress? Aren’t you dancing? This is not mine Strengths.” They said, “You don’t have to do these things, you just need to make videos, and others can make three connections with one click.” I said, “What is the use of one key and three connections, can you manage food?” Eat.” Later, I entered the pit of Bilibili and found it really fragrant.

My popular science video on Bilibili

I started to systematically output some popular science knowledge about fruits. For example, why can’t you bring mangosteen when staying in a hotel? Because mangosteen shells tend to stain the sheets and are difficult to wash off. This is the regulation of many hotels in Southeast Asia. Our domestic hotels do not have this regulation, because there are relatively few mangosteens in China.

Then I found that we deal with fruits every day, but there are very few textbooks or some professional popular science books that tell us what kind of fruit is correct (correct version) and what When to eat what kind of fruit. It is difficult for us to get access to some relatively correct information. Many times, all we know about fruit is only at the level of popular science in fruit shops.

“Science” of fruit shop: open durian

What is the general science of fruit shops? For example, many people go to the supermarket to buy durians, and the staff will tell you to buy durians that are open, and such durians are ripe. But he won’t tell you Durian is a high-sugar and high-protein fruit, which is easily oxidized and spoiled once opened. If you smell a lot of durian, it may be because it has gone bad, not the smell of the durian itself. If the durian itself is ripe enough, it will also open when you buy it. You don’t know how long durians have been kept in supermarkets, so don’t buy them. The staff tells you this because he wants to sell faster or lose money.

There is another typical example – Snakeskin fruit. Fans often ask me, why is this snake skin fruit so unpalatable? How can there be such an unpalatable fruit in the world? I thought to myself what happened to this snake skin fruit? He said, “I took a bite of snake skin fruit, and it smelled of kerosene, diesel oil, and a little alcohol.” I said, “Then you have never eaten fresh snake skin fruit at all.”

This is what a fresh snakeskin looks like. Its skin is reddish and covered with thorns. The snake skin fruit we usually see in the supermarket may have begun to turn gray, that is, it has deteriorated and is not delicious. Many fruits are alcoholic when fermented.

Our perception of fruit, including access to knowledge, is limited. So we started to do professional science one by one, to popularize some common knowledge of fruits.

For example, we would talk about Chinese Red Orange. Why is it like this? Where are its old ancestors? Where did it come from?

We’ll talk about the pineapple fan, why did it grow into this shape? In fact, this is a kind of conjugation. The reason why we can’t usually buy this kind of pineapple fan in the supermarket is because it was picked out as a deformed fruit. We buy the standard one- or two-terminal pretty, good-looking pineapples. This kind of pineapple fan is a deformed fruit, we definitely can’t buy it, it can only be seen in the place of origin.

We will also teach you how to eat mangoes and how to suck mangoes gracefully. Many people only use a knife to cut a mango flower, which seems to be very advanced. In fact, mangoes can be sucked and eaten without wasting any juice.

And some jelly oranges, reallyYou can dig up the pulp and eat it like jelly, or you can eat it with a straw.

We can also eat mangoes in the form of mandarin ducks, as long as they are mangoes with flat cores. Shown in the photo is Jin Huangmang.

We also have a video to help you save money. For those who are obsessed with durian or want to eat durian, or who have never eaten durian, be sure to learn this video. Durian is a very valuable fruit, we durian control may spend at least several thousand dollars a year on average to buy durian. If you buy the wrong one or buy it badly, you will lose a lot of money a year. If you want to spend less money, watch this video.

There are also some specialty lemons, which are sweet. There are a lot of lemon-eating faceless challenges online, and they may just eat a sweet lemon, or eat a miracle fruit ahead of time.

Guess whether the photo shows a lemon or Shiranui? In fact, it is called Lemon Shiranui, and you can find its origin by yourself.

There is such a news that “fruit farmers never eat citrus citrus”. In fact, the peel of the citrus itself is thicker and has a waxy layer, which can be stored for a long time. After we pick the citrus, it can be kept for a week or two, or even a month, unless there is a wound.

Do you know what the relationship between pineapple and pineapple is? When it comes to this, there must be a lot of people arguing. Of course, there are also cherries and cherries, kiwis and kiwis. What is the relationship between them?

We ask foreigners all over the world what kiwi fruit is, and they will surely say kiwi fruit is New Zealand’s national fruit. If I ask the Chinese what is kiwi? What is a kiwi? What is the relationship between kiwi and kiwi? There may be many people who can’t answer, or even a little confused.

I want to tell you that kiwifruit is an entire industry chain that evolved from a handful of kiwifruit seeds taken from China in 1904. There are 54 species of Actinidia in the world, and there are 52 species in my country. Basically, all the kiwifruit resources in the world are in my country, and we have more than 20 varieties.

Photo courtesy of China National Kiwifruit Resource Garden

When you buy kiwis in imported supermarkets, you can only buy green or yellow fruits. But you don’t know that there are very many kinds and types of kiwi fruit in our country. The picture above is a photo given to me by China National Kiwifruit Resource Garden, we have a variety of delicious kiwifruit.

But some people just think the imported kiwis are delicious because they have never eaten the delicious Chinese varieties. Like Cuixiang, Hongyang, Guichang, etc., the quality can beat those kiwis imported from abroad, and they can be thrown away for a few cents.No exaggeration, everyone has the opportunity to try it.

China is a real fruit paradise

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This actually reflects a deep-seated problem. Our Chinese lack a certain degree of confidence in fruit, and many people really think that the fruits imported from abroad are delicious.

To give a very typical example, this wo orange is sold in the supermarket for 6 yuan per pound, and it is written that the place of origin is China, and no one may buy it. Put a little sticker with a little embarrassing Japanese on it, and sell it for 20 yuan a pound, and there may be many people grabbing it. After I bought it, it was a little more expensive, but I thought the imported ones were more delicious. Is this really the case? Not really.

I show you a set of photos. This set of photos includes apricots, dates, persimmons, mulberries, pears, peaches and plums, as well as some citrus fruits, yellow skins, longan, loquat, bayberry and lychee. Do these fruits have anything to do with kiwis? Is there anything in common? In fact, they have a common name, called China.

The picture just now shows only a part of our country’s fruit resources. These fruits all originate from our country. China is the country with the most abundant fruit resources in the world. Not only that, but our fruits, the total amount of fruit and planting, including the total production amount, are all the first in the world.

What’s even better is our Logistics and Express. Looking at the whole world, in any country, it is very difficult for you to eat a fruit across 2,000 kilometers from south to north. In our China, lychees were still hanging on trees in Guangdong yesterday and delivered to your tongue this morning, how efficient it is. We can obtain these fruits very efficiently and at low cost.

If I had to choose a fruit paradise in the world, I think it would be in China. Many of my fruit hunter friends would be very envious and say, “It’s great that you are in China, you don’t have to travel that far to eat fruit, you can just sit at home and collect the courier.” I think it is true .

Draw a fruit map

In fact, China has never been short of good fruits. What is lacking is the popularization of fruits and some cost-effective purchasing channels. One of the things I’m working on right now is trying to make a map of fruits. I want to write down what fruits are the best in China every month, and what fruits are from the best places of origin. Then you can just ask people to follow the map, you don’t need to spend time picking them yourself, it’s too laborious.

If you don’t want to stray with the fruit, you can also buy online directly according to some of the methods we gave, and you can receive express delivery at home, very simple. This is only possible in China, but not in many countries. Now, because of our limited ability, we have not done this for a long time. I very much hope that more bigwigs can support us, and hope that more blood can join us and embark on the journey of fruit wandering.

That’s all for today’s sharing. I am Yang Xiaoyang, a fruit hunter. Welcome to follow me and explore the wonderful world of fruit together.


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