There are more succulent flower lovers in the south, at least twice that in the north, and succulents are also very professional

There are two main regions for raising succulents in my country, the south and the north. It is determined by the climatic conditions. The temperature in the entire northern region is low, while the temperature in the southern region is higher. The boundary of the region is based on the Yangtze River. The north of the Yangtze River is the north, and the south of the Yangtze River is the south.

The state of plants raised in different environments It is also different. In the two completely different regions of the north and the south, the number of people who like to grow flowers and succulents is also very different. It is obvious that friends in the southern region prefer to grow flowers and succulents, while people in the northern region like to grow green plants. The number of people is very small.

Comparatively speaking, gardening in the southern region is more Developed, but the reason is relatively rare in the northern region. For example, Yunnan, the most famous succulent plant base in China, is also a flower base, and Fujian. These two regions can be said to be the main development areas of plants, while Suqian and Most of these two places in Weifang are transit stations for flowers.

The unique geographical advantages of the southern region can make plants more Growing fast, the only factor that plants fear during the entire growth cycle is low temperature. The impact of low temperature on plants is fatal. When the temperature drops below 0 degrees, most plants will be frozen to death. In the southern region, all the year round Basically, the temperature is high, even in winter, most of the temperature is above zero.

There are not only many flower lovers in the southern region who like to grow flowers, but also like to grow There are more succulents. The development of succulent plants in China depends entirely on the support of the southern region, including the current price changes in the succulent market, all of which are also affected by the southern region. Many new varieties have entered our country and are being carried out in our country. The main credit for the batch breeding is also the flower lovers in the southern region.

Whether it is succulents or ordinary flowering plants, they The growth and reproduction of the plant are mainly affected by climatic conditions. More specifically, it is rainfall and temperature. If the air humidity is high and the temperature is high, the growth rate of plants will be very fast. In the northern region, there is less rainfall and the air is dry. Low, very unsuitable for plant reproduction.


Most of the succulents and flowers in our country are sold to the southern region, while the northern region is more interested in flowers Most of the green plants are used for gardening and greening, family gardening, nothing more than a few kinds of longevity flowers, crab claw cactus, aloe, a handful of green plants, affected by the temperature, only suitable for these few plants Grow.

I want to feed the plants in the north , unless your home has a greenhouse or a greenhouse. In addition, the plants are only limited to the basis of basic growth, and basically cannot reach the full state. Even if they can bloom, it is only in the short four months of summer. time.