More and more people choose to use granules to raise meat, reduce pests and diseases, and the roots grow faster

The maintenance of succulents requires peat or granules, both of which can be planted Succulents, but the succulents grown will have certain differences. The succulents grown in peat soil grow fatter and grow larger. The succulents grown in granular soil have denser root systems, and the succulents grow relatively smaller. .

The growth state of the root system is actually related to the size of the succulent It doesn’t matter too much. Whether the succulent grows big or small, the main influencing factors are the nutrients in the flower soil and the sun’s light. The more nutrients and the more sunlight, the bigger the succulent will grow. Use succulents grown from granules , the root system is very dense, but the size is relatively small, and the succulent itself will appear more delicate.

So far, more and more People began to choose to use pellets to grow succulents, and they no longer use traditional peat soil. Everyone has different views on the substrate soil. Some people like to use peat soil, and some people like to use granular soil. According to personal maintenance There is no specific and standardized way to grow succulents.

I personally prefer to use peat, use peat How much to plant is more worry-free and trouble-free. You don’t need to spend too much time on management. Watering once a month is enough. If you use granules to grow succulents, you need to water once a week. Granules and peat have their own advantages.

Here I will mainly tell you why the more More and more people choose to use granules to grow succulents. There are two biggest advantages of using granules to grow succulents. The granules themselves will not contain insect eggs or germs and bacteria, which greatly reduces the damage of diseases and insect pests to succulents. The granules themselves are prepared It is relatively hard, and there is a problem of insect damage, and the content of germs is also very low, and the particles will not breed germs and bacteria.

Using granules to plant succulents has another advantage of strong water permeability , strong air permeability, water permeability can prevent root rot, strong air permeability, oxygen inside the particles and outside oxygen can circulate better, so as to accelerate the growth of the root system, these two advantages are not available in peat soil.

There is also a third advantage of the pellets, that is, no weeds will grow in the flower pots, most of the peat or nutrient soil When using it, weeds will grow, and the grass seeds are mixed in the soil, which cannot be distinguished by the naked eye. When the growth conditions meet the growth of grass seeds, weeds will grow, which is very troublesome.< /p>

If you choose to use pellet balls to grow succulents, you need to mix any other soil, just use Medical stone or volcanic rock is enough. Any kind of granules can be used to grow succulents. For succulents planted with granules, a small amount of slow-release fertilizer is needed every autumn and spring to supplement nutrients for succulents, especially in winter. Low succulents will enter a dormant period, and trace nutrients must be supplemented before dormancy.