There are 4 manifestations in a man, or “weak yang”, if one does not account for it, it means that the body is not bad

For human beings, “Yang Qi” is the power and energy of the body, which is used to maintain the normal operation of life. Once the human body’s “yang energy” is insufficient, the physical fitness will decline rapidly, and many diseases will come uninvited. Especially for men, “Yang Qi” is the foundation of solidity, which can make men full of physical strength, vigorous energy, and full of masculinity.

But now due to high pressure and fast-paced life, everyone’s body is very worn out, and many men will appear “weak yang” Happening. When the “Yang Qi” in the body is insufficient, there are usually these four manifestations. You may wish to test yourself. If one of them is not accounted for, it means that the body is not bad.

Manifestation 1: Poor appetite

Insufficient “yang energy” in the body is equivalent to insufficient motivation of the body, and the digestion ability is weakened accordingly. Not much interest. Loss of appetite will lead to too little nutrient intake in the body, which will cause a vicious circle. You often feel tired and listless, and your body will become weaker as time goes by.

Manifestation 2: Unsmooth urination

Urinating can be said to be a man The “weather vane” of the body can reveal part of the body’s condition from the color, smell, and intensity of urine. As the old saying goes, “Insufficient yang qi is the prophet of urine.” If the urination is not smooth, there is no strength, and even the whole body feels cold after defecation, these all indicate that the “yang qi” is insufficient, so we must be vigilant.

Symptom 3: Cold hands and feet

After cooling down, many women will feel fear Fear of the cold, cold hands and feet, in fact, some men with “weak yang energy” will also be like this. The energy of the body is too low, there is no way to deliver nutrients to every part, and the hands and feet farthest from the body will appear cold. At this time, we must actively seek suitable ways to regulate the body.

Performance 4: Hair loss

Hair is a secondary sexual characteristic A sign of hair growth, people with thick hair tend to have more energy and stamina. Many men begin to lose a lot of hair after middle age, which is also a manifestation of the body’s decline. You may wish to observe your hair in daily life. If the hair quality is dry and the amount of hair loss is large, it is also a characteristic of excessive loss of “yang energy”.

If you have these characteristics, you must pay attention to it and prevent your body from being overdrawn by continued consumption. You might as well stick to 3 things in your life to help everyone “Fu Yang Gu Yang” and make your body stronger and stronger.

1. Sufficient sleep

Sleep is the first choice for maintaining the body. Our work and rest change with the ups and downs of the day and night. The need for sleep at night is determined by human beings genetically determined. But now many people stay up late, or find it difficult to fall asleep due to the pressure of life, these are unconsciously consuming yang energy.

If you have difficulty falling asleep, remind everyone to take two Sanchuangui Suanzaoren Pills before going to bed. The jujube seed it contains is a common sleep aid food. It is ground into powder, combined with lotus seeds and longan to reconcile the sourness in it, and seasoned with natural honey. It is safe and nutritious to eat.


In addition, the ingredients used in Sanchuangui Suanzaoren Pills are all from natural plants. When you open the tinfoil package, the taste of Suanzaoren is overwhelming Coming here makes people feel as if they are in the field, with a peaceful mind. It tastes sweet and sour, soft and delicate, and helps you sleep like a child.

2. Sunbathing

Natural organisms are inseparable from sunlight, and so are human beings. Sunbathing is the most convenient and simple way to improve “yang energy”. More sun exposure can speed up the body circulation and help calcium supplementation , Improve our physical fitness, etc., with many benefits.

It is also important to bask in the sun. It is more conducive to “tonifying yang”. In addition, the best time to bask in the sun is 9 am or 4 pm, at least 20 minutes a day, when the sun is mild to avoid sunburn. Everyone, don’t waste the good time during the day, go out and bask in the sun more!

3. Nutritional balance

As the old saying goes, “Whole grains are the source of Yang Qi biochemistry.” Only by absorbing enough nutrients from the food can it be transformed in the body for energy. Therefore, men usually need balanced nutrition, especially the staple food that consumes the largest amount. Try to mix coarse grains and fine grains to make the diet more nutritious.

As we all know, black food is good for replenishing “Yang Qi”, why not try Seven-degree square five black cake. It is made of grains such as black beans and black sesame, combined with dried fruits such as mulberry and black wolfberry. It can be seen from the ingredients that each is a good product for men to nourish the body, and the combination doubles the nutrition.

In addition, Qidu Fang Wuhei Cake is made by cold processing , retain the nutrients in the ingredients to the maximum extent, and lock the deliciousness of the food at the same time. The entrance of the pastry is the mellow flavor of the original grain, loose and soft taste, slightly sweet and not sticky to the teeth, it is good as a daily snack or meal.

Tips: Every man hopes to have a “masculinity”, so he should try his best to adjust his daily life and work and rest. In addition to the internal adjustment of food described above, it is also necessary to maintain a good mood and insist on exercising 3 to 5 times a week, which will greatly help the improvement of “yang energy”.