It is recommended that middle-aged and elderly people, regardless of whether they have money or not, should drink less of these three kinds of wine, all of which are blended with flavors

Life is nothing more than “eat and drink“.

With the changes of the times, people’s living conditions have also been greatly improved, from starvation to three meals a day, to today’s meat, and all kinds of delicacies, Very rich.

As for drinking, the change is even greater. In ancient times, only the royal relatives had endless wine, but now, as long as you want to drink, small supermarkets and taverns on the roadside can buy.

However, everything has two sides, since the emergence of new craft liquor, although people “Drinking is difficult”, but at the same time, people are more concerned about whether it is pure grain wine.

Why do people insist on drinking “pure grain wine”?

Since the advent of new craft liquor, with the advantages of “low cost and quick liquor“, it has been favored by liquor dealers immediately. Grain wine, this kind of liquor is more profitable.

But after all, it is a “quick product”. In addition to alcohol, the raw materials also contain a large amount of essence, thickener, cyclamate and other substances. The quality is far inferior to the pure grain wine brewed by traditional crafts.

Drink more than ten kinds of additives together, and these additives are still difficult to decompose, it is best to drink less, especially the upper Older middle-aged and elderly people, whose metabolic capacity is gradually declining, should drink less.

It is recommended that middle-aged and elderly people, no matter whether they have money or not, should drink less of the following three kinds of liquor, which are all blended with essence, which is not good.

White wine with peculiar smell after heating

After winter, many people drink They all have the habit of “warming wine”, drink it while heating it, and the body will be warm, but if the baijiu has a peculiar smell after heating, don’t drink it again.

Real grain wine, after being properly heated, the grain aroma will be more intense, and it will taste smoother. If there is a peculiar smell, then probably it is essence wine.

The source of these peculiar smells is actually the pungent smell emitted by various additives into the air after heating.

White wine whose liquid color is as yellow as tea soup

High-quality liquor After a long period of aging, it is normal for the wine to turn yellow in color.

But if it is just bought white wine and the color of the poured wine is as yellow as tea soup, then it is likely to be “fake old wine” blended with caramel coloring agent. To put it bluntly, it is also a flavor blended wine.

The color of real old wine should be light yellow, far less dark than the color of tea soup.

Liquor with “alcohol” in the ingredient list

Speaking of this, it is estimated that some wine lovers do not understand, what is there if there is no alcohol in liquor?

You are right, the main cost of liquor is Alcohol and water. But for pure grain wine, Alcohol is fermented from grain, and there is no need to add it as a raw material.

Alcohol is different, it It is made of alcohol, essence, and water. Therefore, only in this case, the word “alcohol” will be marked on the raw material list.

Next time I go to the supermarket, I will meet Don’t buy this kind of liquor. The taste is not as good as pure grain wine, but the main reason is that the essence is not easy to metabolize after drinking, which is really not good.

Furthermore, there are many good and inexpensive pure grain wines on the market, but sometimes we don’t know much about them and mistakenly think they are bad wines. If you don’t know how to choose, you can take a look at this Jun Zhongyuan Private Collection Wine.

It is a Daqu Kunsha Sauce Wine, and the ingredients list only includes sorghum, wheat, and water , and the level of the bottle body is excellent, you can judge the quality of this wine just by looking at the bottle body.

The brewer Zeng Chuanzheng is a disciple of Li Xingfa, the former deputy director of Moutai. The inheritor of Maotai wine has extremely high requirements for wine making, and insists on using raw materials and techniques that are same origin as Moutai.

In terms of raw materials, the local alpine glutinous sorghum is used. This kind of sorghum is very resistant to cooking. Under the traditional 12987 cooking process, the tannin in sorghum It was released and became the main source of the aroma of the wine.

Afterwards, in order to remove the pungent and stimulating feeling of the new wine, it will be cellared for 6 years. It will not leave the factory until the wine is fully mature. Take a sipmellow and delicate, full of grassy fragrance, and long aftertaste .

Written at the end, besides the three types of liquor mentioned above, what other flavored liquors have you encountered? Welcome to add.