The young woman had chest tightness, and the medicine didn’t work. The director saw it: I’m afraid you won’t live for half a year

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It’s just chest tightness, why? Will it be fatal?

< /section>

Miss Hu, 23 years old, just graduated from university.
When she just graduated, Ms. Hu was looking for a job everywhere, maybe she was too busy. I fell ill, had a fever and muscle aches, and was listless.
The roommate said: “Fever, muscle aches, fatigue, that’s the flu, and this is the only symptom of the flu, you need to take medicine “
“What’s the difference between a flu and a cold? Isn’t it the same as taking cold medicine?” Ms. Hu wondered .
“Hey, it is said on the Internet that colds and flu are both caused by viruses, but viruses are different. Colds are mainly caused by nasal Pharyngeal symptoms, such as runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, fever, etc., but if the flu is a little bit better, it will also cause muscle soreness, and if it is not good, it will cause pneumonia and respiratory failure.” The roommate said.
This frightened Ms. Hu, she fell ill before finding a job, that’s not acceptable.
I hurried to the pharmacy to buy some medicines. In addition to buying ordinary medicines for fever, I also bought two boxes of antiviral medicines. The clerk said that the flu should be antiviral.
It can be eaten for a few days without any effect.
Ms. Hu is thinking about going to the pharmacy to try another medicine.
The roommate is worried that the pharmacy will delay the illness, so it is recommended to go to the hospital directly. Of course Ms. Hu also wanted to go to the hospital, but she was too shy.

So I decided to try another medicine at the pharmacy.
An antiviral drug was changed, and this time the clerk also introduced a Chinese patent medicine. It cost more than a hundred to bring out the big and small bags, which is really not cheap.
On the third day of taking the medicine, Ms. Hu felt uncomfortable in her heart, chest tightness, and occasionally tingling In this way, especially when you are tired after walking for a long time, you may even feel a little out of breath.
Something is wrong!
“Maybe I’m too tired, I need to take a good rest.” Ms. Hu comforted herself. But the roommate was still worried and kept telling her to go to the hospital.
Until the fourth night, Ms. Hu suddenly felt severe chest tightness and severe pain. Feeling, panting after walking a few steps, this is notGot it.
The interview with the roommate was successful, but he worked overtime on the first day of work and did not come back in time. Ms. Hu had no choice but to take a taxi to the emergency department of a nearby hospital with her chest pain.

Viral myocarditis?

The emergency department is an old doctor on duty.
Old Ma saw Miss Hu’s situation and reprimanded her: “It’s not flu, it’s possible It’s viral myocarditis. Do you understand myocarditis? It means that the heart muscle is inflamed, the heart is tired, and it can’t work hard. If you do anything else, the heart will go on strike. That’s a shame, you If you dare to take a taxi alone, you should call 120 in this case.”
Miss Hu’s face was pale, and she didn’t know it was The one who was scared was caused by a serious illness.
Old Ma let Miss Hu into the emergency room.
Then asked Dr. Guipei to take an electrocardiogram.
“Have you taken any medicine? Have you brought it here? Don’t overdose, some antipyretics are overdose It will be fatal.” The old horse asked.
“I remember that there is a drug that is ibuprofen sustained-release capsules, and there are some King Kong and the like.” Ms. Hu Take a breath and say.
“This is an antiviral drug, the side effects are not small, we basically all You don’t need this medicine anymore, you still need to buy it.” The old horse said blankly.
Miss Hu dare not speak anymore, how can she understand this, she will buy whatever medicine the pharmacy sells.
“Viral myocarditis means that the virus invades the heart, causing inflammation of the heart muscle, and even sudden death. Fortunately, Most of them are mild. Most patients will have symptoms of viral infection for several days or even weeks before the onset of symptoms, such as fever, fatigue, muscle soreness, etc.”
“That’s right, that’s what I am.” Ms. Hu couldn’t wait to admit her symptoms.
Lao Ma said: “Those are mild manifestations, severe patients may then have heart palpitations, chest pain, and difficulty breathing , just like you, last time a patient fainted in a taxi and almost died.”
Miss Hu’s face turned pale with fright.
“That’s not to say that death is certain,” Ma said with a sigh of relief, “Most viral myocarditis is Mild ones will recover after a while, but a few are more serious, so we have to prevent them.”
The nurse gave Miss Hu Intravenous access was opened.
Then I auscultated the heart and lungs, and there seemed to be no obvious abnormalities.
Then the ECG results came out.
Dr. Guipei’s eyes were straightened, and he asked Lao Ma: “What kind of electrocardiogram is this? The ST-T segment has changed so much. Obviously, it doesn’t seem to be a myocardial infarction, so what could it be?”
The old horse took it over and took a look, it was incredible, This is clearly a manifestation of myocardial ischemia!

Misjudgment, is it coronary heart disease?

Old Ma looked up and down Miss Hu and muttered: “Such a young The patient is unlikely to have coronary atherosclerotic heart disease (coronary heart disease), so consider the graphic changes caused by myocarditis, and give her cardiac enzymes, troponin, etc., blood routine, biochemical routine Checked all sets.”
“Ah? Full investigation? How much blood did you get?” Ms. Hu was uncomfortable at first, but when she heard the old horse said that she would take a blood test, and said so much in one breath, she knew that it would take a lot of money Money, distressed, but also distressed so much blood.
“A tube of blood is only a few milliliters, and there are no more than 10 tubes of blood in total, that is, 20-30 milliliters of blood. No lesbian has the amount of a menstrual period.” Lao Ma will not back down at all, he must have his blood drawn, and he may have to be hospitalized after the blood is drawn.
“Lie down obediently, don’t get up if you have nothing to do, if you really can’t help but want to go to the bathroom, just solve it on the bed.” Ma told Miss Hu one last time, and then went to rescue another patient with cerebral hemorrhage. At the same time, I did not forget to tell Dr. Guipei to take good care of her, and then ask a cardiologist to come over for consultation to see if there is any bed and get her there.

Thrilling! The patient’s blood pressure and pulse are gone?

On the old horse and the family members of patients with cerebral hemorrhage During the communication about the illness, Dr. Guipei came out to look for him, looking flustered, and said, “Ms. Ma, that girl with myocarditis is not doing well. Her blood pressure can’t be measured, and her pulse can’t be felt.”
As soon as this remark came out, the old horse’s face turned green.
“No blood pressure? No pulse?”

“Well, yes, we have measured it several times but failed.” Dr. Guipei looked puzzled.
The old horse threw down the critical illness notice, and rushed towards the emergency room. , the old horse rushed and scolded: “Why do you run out if you have no blood pressure? Why do you run out if you are not inside for cardiopulmonary resuscitation.”

< section>“Is someone pressing?” the old horse asked.

“No, no pressure.” Doctor Guipei still didn’t understand what the teacher was talking about.
“I’ll deal with you after I’ve been rescued,” the old horse gave him a hard look, “Look at you kid She is very clever and has a good foundation, how can she be confused at this critical moment, if her heartbeat stops, of course she should be rescued immediately and then cardiopulmonary resuscitation immediately.”
After the old horse finished speaking, he rushed in through the door.
Miss Hu is still lying on the bed. Although the complexion is not very good-looking, but there must be no cardiac arrest, and the ECG monitoring also shows that the heart rate is more than 110 times.
Old Ma was confused by everything in front of him.
“What’s the matter, isn’t it that there is no blood pressure or pulse?” The old horse lowered his voice and asked the nurses beside him .
A senior nurse complained to Lao Ma: “The patient’s two arms have been measured, and it cannot be measured. Blood pressure. I felt the radial artery, but I couldn’t feel the pulse. After several people felt it, I couldn’t feel it. I asked Xiao Lin to go out to find you. We changed a big cuff and put it on the leggings. It can be regarded as measuring the blood pressure. But this blood pressure is the blood pressure of the popliteal artery of the thigh, and cannot represent the blood pressure of the upper arm.”
Old Only then did Ma figure out the situation.
It turned out that Dr. Kobayashi said that the patient lost blood pressure and pulse, which meant that it could not be measured, yes. , It’s just that it can’t be detected, it doesn’t mean that the patient’s heartbeat has stopped, and it doesn’t mean that the person is gone, so there is no need for rescue, let alone cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
How can a person be so good that he can’t measure his blood pressure or touch the radial artery? .
“Have you touched it carefully?” the old horse asked while doing it himself.
Strange, there is really no feeling of beating. Lao Ma pressed his fingers lightly on the radial artery in Miss Hu’s left hand, but he didn’t feel a pulse. He pressed harder, but still didn’t feel a pulse.
Miss Hu’s palm is very cold, as is the right hand.
In this case, it is normal that the cuff tied to the upper limb cannot measure the blood pressure.
Why is this happening?
The old horse looked up at the ECG monitor. The heart rate was obviously 110 beats per minute, and the heartbeat was okay, but the blood pressure was indeed not detected. When I just auscultated the patient’s heart and lungs, I didn’t measure the blood pressure immediately, thinking that such a young patient should not have high blood pressure. There is no evidence of cerebral ischemia such as dizziness, and it should not be hypotensive, so I didn’t measure my blood pressure at the first time.
“It’s still careless.” The old horse was a little annoyed.
The upper extremity blood pressure cannot be measured, but the lower extremity blood pressure is there.
“That shows a problem, It is a problem of upper limb blood vessels, not a heart problem< /strong>.” The old horse came to his senses.
“It is very likely that the patient’s upper limb blood vessels are occluded, and the blood cannot pass through, so the pulse cannot be felt, and the pulse cannot be measured. When the blood pressure is reached, the limbs are cold,” the old horse said, and then he turned his head and glanced at Dr. Guipei, “You almost scared me to death, go outside and help me retrieve the critical illness notice.”
Doctor Gui Pei smiled silly: “I’m not wrong, it’s the teacher, you are too nervous, haha.”
Old Ma just wanted to reprimand him, but he was right after thinking about it, he was indeed too nervous about this young patient with chest tightness and chest pain suspected of myocarditis, all right If there is no incentive, how can it be said that there is no reason.
“In view of the patient’s vascular condition, what diseases can you consider?” Lao Ma asked him.
“Patients should have local blood vessel problems, such as thromboangiitis obliterans, an inflammatory disease of blood vessels, It will lead to chronic occlusion of blood vessels, manifested as local skin temperature drop, paleness, and limbs are afraid of cold. In severe cases, limbs will feel pain, pulse will become weak, or even disappear, and of course the blood pressure may not be reached. The basic knowledge is good, and you can react immediately.
“Well, it’s possible,” the old horse nodded, “and then added a sentence, but you with thrombosis Tube inflammation is more common in young men who like to smoke, such as some gangsters.”
“Smoking is not necessarily a gangster, There are not many directors of the surgery here who don’t smoke.” Xiao Lin replied with a smile.
“Don’t talk about that,” the old horse changed the subject. “This patient is probably not that simple. Hurry up and ask the cardiology department to have a look. She also has chest tightness and chest pain. Is it possible that she has viral myocarditis and vasculitis at the same time? The possibility of a person having both diseases at the same time is very small. Yes, try to explain everything with one disease.”
“Or whether there is arterial embolism Possibly? The patient has fever, chest tightness and chest pain. It may not be viral myocarditis, but may also be infective endocarditis. There may be a bacterial infection in the endocardium, and a thrombus may form locally. If the thrombus falls off, it will run along the blood vessel. Could it embolize the arteries of the upper extremities, resulting in blocked blood flow, no pulse, and no blood pressure?” Dr. Guipei Xiaolin’s brain was spinning rapidly, and he came up with another idea.
“There is a possibility,” Lao Ma nodded in satisfaction, “but there are two unsupported points, First, when I auscultated the patient just now, I didn’t hear any obvious murmurs in the patient’s heart. It seems that there should not be any vegetations in the heart. Second, even if there is infective endocarditis, even if there is thrombosis, even if the thrombus falls off, it is still Wouldn’t it just fall off and block the upper limbs on both sides? Why not block the lower limbs, why not block the blood vessels in the brain, why just block the arteries of the upper limbs on both sides? This possibility is too low?”

“It seems to be the same thing, what a coincidence.” Dr. Guipei smiled embarrassedly.
“But you have this analytical ability, which is not bad.” The matter was almost forgotten, and the anger disappeared.
“Teacher, what disease do you think can explain it?” Kobayashi asked.
Old Ma cleared his throat and said: “We are emergency doctors, not as in-depth as specialist doctors, but generally still I understand a little bit, I haven’t seen all kinds of diseases in the emergency department, and young girls like this, who are so juicy, have to consider what is called oriental beauty disease.”

Oriental beauty disease?

“What? Oriental Beauty Sickness? You won’t scare me, Teacher Ma.” Doctor Guipei didn’t believe it.
Ms. Hu is in a better state of mind now, and it is quite enjoyable to listen to the words of the two masters and apprentices.
“That is Takayasu,” Ma said, “This is also aInflammation of the large arteries can lead to stenosis or even occlusion of the blood vessels. The aorta and its large branches are most likely to be affected, such as the axillary artery, brachial artery, and radial artery. Therefore, the pulse of the upper limbs on both sides of the patient cannot be felt, and the blood pressure cannot be measured. can be explained. “
“The cause of this disease is unclear, and it may be related to autoimmune disorders. The immune system does not fight bad people now. I only hit myself, and I hit the blood vessels, so something went wrong. Some people found that this disease is related to the high level of estrogen, so young women are especially prone to the disease, especially our young Asian women, so it is called oriental beauty disease. “
“If this aorta arteritis involves the blood vessels of the heart, there will also be chest tightness and pain. But this possibility is relatively small, and it is rarely heard that it involves the heart. I don’t know more about it, so let a cardiologist come over and take a look at it, put it in their place, burn their hair, and don’t mess with my hair. The old horse waved his hands and said, “Let’s just protect her and don’t let her have an accident in the emergency department.” “
The last sentence, the old horse said in a low voice,Except for Xiaolin, the others People probably can’t hear it.
Xiao Lin suddenly realized: “The teacher is still amazing. “

Patients currently have unmeasured upper extremity blood pressure, which is very objective and definitely There is a problem with the blood vessels. At the same time, there is chest tightness and chest pain. Anyway, it is okay to go to the cardiology department for further treatment.
It’s a pity that there is no cardiac color Doppler ultrasound at night. If there is, we can see if there are endocardial vegetations and valve insufficiency, so that infective endocarditis can be further ruled out.
The laboratory department moved quickly, and the patient’s blood test results came out.
Myocardial enzymes, troponin, etc. are all high, other indicators are okay, liver and kidney functions are normal.

< section>The cardiologist came and evaluated the patient’s condition, especially the changes in the electrocardiogram, coupled with the increase of myocardial enzymes and troponin, it really made people have to be alert to the problem of cardiovascular (coronary) Ah. If this is a man over the age of 40, he must immediately consider coronary heart disease, and even suspect the possibility of angina pectoris or myocardial infarction.

But the patient is a girl, and she is a girl in her early 20s who just graduated from university.
Diagnosis of coronary heart disease requires great caution. And the patient obviously has upper extremity arterial occlusion, so it is more likely to be a blood vessel problem. The Takayasu arteritis proposed by Lao Ma is the primary consideration.

< section>

Even if it is not coronary atherosclerosis, it may be other lesions. Go to the cardiology department and complete the coronary blood vessel examination as soon as possible to see what is going on.< /span>
Hearing that she will be hospitalized, have a coronary examination, and may even need surgery, Ms. Hu’s mood fell to the bottom again .

“We need to ask family members to come and sign. “The cardiologist said.
But Miss Hu’s family is not nearby, so I don’t know what to do…
“In any case, we must find our family members. This disease may be serious. It is likely that the coronary arteries have been involved and the blood supply to the heart has been affected. If it is not dealt with as soon as possible, something may happen. “The cardiologist said categorically.
Finally, under the coordination of the medical department, the hospitalization was carried out first. Synchronously contact the patient’s direct line Relatives.
I was admitted to the cardiology department that night and given symptomatic and supportive treatment.
< br/>
Miss Hu’s parents rushed over from their hometown overnight, and arrived at the hospital early the next morning.

The cardiologist said: “Now it is suspected that it is Takayasu arteritis. This disease can affect the large blood vessels of the whole body, but at present, it seems that the large blood vessels of the upper limb arteries and the heart are involved, so the patient’s pulse is unpredictable. If there is chest pain and tightness, these are all manifestations of cardiac ischemia. We need to conduct further examinations. If possible, a cardiac stent is required. “
This is a top priority.

< section>Ms. Hu’s parents are both from rural areas. I heard that the disease is dangerous, and the three souls have disappeared and the seven souls have disappeared. I can only keep saying that I have to treat as much money as possible, until there is no other way.

Turning back to Ms. Hu: “Look at you, I told you not to eat so many miscellaneous things outside. If you don’t listen, tell you what you can Yes, this is great.
The cardiologist couldn’t help but say something fair: “This disease is related to eating Stuff doesn’t matter. “
Miss Hu’s parents just cursed a few words too much, they were terribly scared and distressed.
Ms. Hu had several tubes of blood drawn this morning, and the doctor said that some rheumatoid immune indicators should be checked for further confirmation Is it Takayasu?
The doctor rechecked the electrocardiogram, and there was still obvious myocardial ischemia.
I did a color ultrasound of the heart, and it seems that no obvious abnormalities were seen. Not infective endocarditis. At least no growths were seen. The cardiologist also said that the infection index is not high, so it is probably not a bacterial infection.
It is necessary to do coronary angiography. Coronary arteries (coronary arteries) are several blood vessels specially nourishing the heart. We now doubt These blood vessels are very narrow or even blocked. Angiography is required. If the angiography confirms that there is indeed a problem with the blood vessels, the blood vessels may need to be stretched during the operation and a stent will be placed. Only by opening the narrowed blood vessels and letting the blood flow through can the dying heart be saved.
The doctor said it clearly and seriously: “This disease is very dangerous, life-threatening at any time, very dangerous, Do you understand?”
Miss Hu was knocked down by these three dangers, and she was stunned.
A coronary angiography was arranged on the same day.
Before entering the operating room, Miss Hu was trembling all over. On the one hand, she was nervous and on the other hand, she was afraid. She was afraid that her disease could not be cured, because she checked some information on the Internet and said that this disease is rare, and it is very dangerous if it affects the heart. In addition, she is also worried that the cost will be too much, and she is afraid that her family will not be able to afford it. I haven’t found a job yet, and my parents are farmers, so I can’t be optimistic.
The doctor seemed to be aware of Ms. Hu’s worry, and said: “Just cooperate with us to treat the disease. You are so young. It will definitely get better. As for the cost, we try to save as much as possible, and you also have student medical insurance. You just graduated not long ago, and it seems that part of that thing can be reimbursed.”< /section>

The doctor’s words seem to have played a role, Miss Hu’s trembling is not so strong.
The operation has begun.
During the operation, it was found that the left and right coronary arteries were severely stenotic, but one of the arteries was most severely stenotic, with 90% blockage. Almost no blood flow could pass.
I had to insert a coronary stent to open the narrow blood vessel and restore the blood flow to save the heart .
During the operation, Ms. Hu was awake the whole time, and she basically heard the doctor’s conversation. In general, The problem seemed to be solved, and she finally felt relieved.
After returning to the Cardiology Intensive Care Unit (CCU) after the operation, Ms. Hu felt that the chest tightness and pain had indeed been relieved a lot. It is said that the effect of stent surgery is immediate.
Ms. Hu’s parents said: “I always thought that only the elderly with myocardial infarction needed to be implanted with a stent. I didn’t expect our daughter A stent will also be placed.”
The doctor explained: “Her disease was not a myocardial infarction caused by coronary heart disease, but the result The blood vessels in the heart are very narrow, and the stent is used to save the heart, but the stent alone cannot solve the problem, because the disease may affect the blood vessels of the whole body.”
< br/>
Chest CT angiography (CTA) was also done, and the lesion involved the aortic arch, bilateral upper extremity arteries, coronary arteries, etc. Therefore, Ms. Hu’s pulse in both upper limbs was weakened or even unable to be felt. In fact, Ms. Hu’s upper limbs were weakened, but she always thought it was due to physical weakness and general fatigue.
The blood test results came back, the erythrocyte sedimentation rate and C-reactive protein (CRP) were all very high, and the anti-aortic antibody was positive .
The rheumatologist and immunologist came for consultation and agreed to the diagnosis of Kyoarteritis.
The rheumatologist said: “This disease is an autoimmune disease, due to many aspects such as environment, immunity, infection, etc. Factors cause immune disorders in the body. The immune system specifically attacks the blood vessels in your body, especially the large blood vessels, causing inflammation of the blood vessels, resulting in narrowing or even occlusion of the blood vessel walls. To treat this disease, the only way to treat this disease is to suppress immunity and use hormones. Hormones can, on the one hand, Anti-inflammation, on the one hand, can suppress hormones, and is the most guaranteed drug. Cardiac stents are emergency, not permanent, and ultimately rely on long-term management of hormones and immunosuppressants.”
These words are similar to what the old horse in the emergency department said, but the rheumatology and immunology doctor said it more clearly.
Miss Hu can understand,but she cannot accept it.
She checked the Internet herself, and if she takes hormones for a long time, people will get fat and develop a lot of acne, even big aunts may No longer come, affect fertility.
“Can I stop taking hormones and take other medicines?” Ms. Hu asked the doctor cautiously, expressing her worries come out.
The rheumatologist and immunologist raised his eyebrows: “Why, are you married? Are you planning to get pregnant?”
“Not yet, not married yet.”

“Then what are you worried about? When the disease is under control, if you have the opportunity to stop taking the medicine, stop the hormone, you can still have a baby, and it will get better, little girl.” Rheumatism Immunization The doctor smiled and said, he was probably amused.
“Since the heart stent surgery is done, the remaining hormones will be taken care of by the rheumatologist and immunologist. Let’s transfer to another department. Go to the doctor. But remember to take anti-platelet drugs for a long time, and remember that there is a stent in your heart.” The cardiologist urged, and regular follow-up visits.
Ms. Hu was sent to the Department of Rheumatology and Immunology.
I am preparing to use hormones and immunosuppressants to suppress inflammation, there is no way, if it is not dealt with in time, the inflammation may increase Further damage to other blood vessels, and even further damage to blood vessels in the heart, brain, kidneys and other parts. That would be scary, so hormones have to be taken as soon as possible.
However, I encountered trouble again.
After being transferred to the Department of Rheumatology and Immunology, many examinations were done, including some tuberculosis examinations, among which the tuberculin test (PPD test) was strongly positive. This gives doctors a headache. A strong positive PPD test is still of great significance, and the patient is likely to have tuberculosis. It is generally believed that the presence of tuberculosis bacteria in the body and the stimulation of immunity will lead to a strong positive test.
“Stop taking hormones first,” said the doctor in charge, “you can’t take hormones anymore. Because you may have tuberculosis, We have to give you half a year of tuberculosis medicine, anti-tuberculosis treatment, and then use hormones, otherwise once hormones are used, immunity is suppressed, tuberculosis may spread, and it may be fatal.”< /section>

But where did tuberculosis come from? The doctor couldn’t figure it out. Various examinations were done, and no other signs of tuberculosis infection were found. I also invited an infection doctor to come over and analyze it from the beginning. There is no tuberculosis seen on imaging, and the patient may not have intestinal tuberculosis. If necessary, a colonoscopy can be performed to see clearly.
Only one PPD test is strongly positive, it cannot be diagnosed as tuberculosis immediately, but the test result cannot be ignored .
In the end, I decided to take hormones first.
“Wait, didn’t you say that you are afraid that I have tuberculosis? Can you still use hormones if you have tuberculosis?” Ms. Hu asked before The doctor Guipei who came to inform, she also checked the relevant information herself, and hormones are a taboo for tuberculosis patients. How can this be good.
The young doctor Guipei thought for a while and said, “Our director said, I’m afraid you won’t live for half a year, This disease may progress very quickly.”
This was heard by Ms. Hu’s parents, and they shouted on the spot: “This What did the doctor say? Is this human? What does it mean to live less than half a year? I think you are serious about your work, but communication is still far behind.” The honest parents were also anxious.
The doctor in charge of the bed came after hearing the news, smoothed things over, and said: “The truth is that, the progress of Takayasu arteritis It will be faster. If you wait to fight tuberculosis before using hormones, I am afraid it will be too late. We can’t predict what will happen. The worst may happen. In order to avoid this situation, we decided to use it first. Hormones suppress immunity and inflammation. As for tuberculosis, it doesn’t look too similar at the moment, we can observe while treating, and adjust at any time if there is something wrong.”
This sounds much more pleasing to the ear, although it has one meaning.
Ms. Hu finally accepted hormone + immunosuppressant treatment. At first, she took 12 tablets of prednisone, plus one mycophenolate mofetil.
Cast CTA was re-examined before discharge, and it was found that the previously occluded blood vessels were loosened, and it was indeed effective. During the physical examination, it was found that the pulse of Ms. Hu’s upper limbs could finally be felt, and her blood pressure could also be measured.
The tuberculosis indicators rechecked are all negative.
It was a false alarm and the patient did not have tuberculosis. As to why the PPD test was strongly positive, that’s a good question.
Anyway, it’s a good thing.
Although the disease cannot be cured, it can be controlled through drug treatment, and most of them can live for a long time. It’s just that taking medicine will have some side effects, so you have to adjust it slowly.
Sure enough, Ms. Hu’s face began to gain weight after a while, and there were a lot of acne on her body, especially on her back. The appetite also increased, and the weight also soared, gaining nearly 20 catties in more than a month.
It’s scary,But persistence is victory.
Half a year later, Ms. Hu’s prednisone was reduced to 2 tablets/day, and the doctor asked again not to take it by herself After stopping the drug, be sure to review the follow-up visit in time to avoid rebound.
The story of Ms. Hu is finished,I wish you success.

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Science summary :
1. Takayasu arteritis is not a rare disease, the incidence rate in Japan is 40/100,000. I don’t know the exact number in China, but it is estimated that it is not too far away. Considering our huge population base, this is definitely not a rare disease. I hope that girls with this disease should be treated correctly. Don’t shy away from the disease. Why do you say it is a girl? Because this disease is really more female than male, and the incidence rate of male and female is about 1:10.

< section>2. Takayasu arteritis will affect many blood vessels, so different symptoms will appear. If the blood vessels of the brain are involved, there will be symptoms such as fainting, dizziness, and headache. If it involves Kidney blood vessels, there will be renal necrosis, abdominal pain and other manifestations.

3, hormone is not the devil, Hormone is the basic drug for this kind of disease, and it must be treated correctly. However, the side effects of hormones are also quite large. We must build up confidence, because girls who gain weight due to hormones may eventually lose weight because of stopping the drug. I firmly believe this .In addition, compared with fat and thin, life is still the most important.
4. This is an immune system disease , there is no cure at present, almost all immune system diseases are incurable, we must have this basic concept.But it can be controlled, which means that it can be controlled for a long time without medication , but once repeated, seek medical attention as soon as possible.
< strong>More cardiovascular wonderful cases?

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