The Forgotten Stomach Drug-Proglumide, Is It Good For The Gallbladder? is that true? After reading it, I have gained knowledge

“Doctor, I checked online that this medicine is for stomach problems, but what I got was gallstones. Did you prescribe the wrong medicine?”, Ms. Liu asked anxiously. asked the doctor.

What’s going on? It turns out that Ms. Li suffered from stomach pain, nausea a few days ago ,vomitingI went to the emergency department of the hospital for medical treatment, and found that there were stones in the gallbladder span>, the abdominal pain is because after she eats greasy food, the gallbladder wall is irritated by stones, which caused cholecystitis< span>.

Because it was the first attack, after anti-inflammatory, pain relief and other treatments, her symptoms improved quickly.

After she was discharged from the hospital, the doctor advised her to go home and continue to take consolidation medication. After returning home, Ms. Li accidentally saw an article on the Internet saying: Proglumide tablets are a medicine for stomach problems,And span>Proglumide tablets are just one of the medicines she is currently taking. So she hurried to the hospital to consult a doctor, and she had the conversation above.

After listening to her words, the doctor explained in detail: “< /span>Proglumide is a gastric drug, butIt also has choleretic effects, so it can also be used as an adjuvant treatment for gallstones.”

< p data-track="7">After listening to the doctor’s explanation, Ms. Li suddenly realized: it turns out that proglumide can not only treat Stomach trouble, and has the effect of choleretic !

1. Proglumide, a gastric medicine that is gradually forgotten!

Omeprazole is the first thing people think of when it comes to drugs for treating stomach problems.

It is undeniable that omeprazole is a widely used and effective acid-suppressing drug, but few people know that proglumide It is indeed a firstdiscovered acid-suppressing drug.

Proglumide, also known as< strong>Propylglutamine, Dipropylglutamine, it was the first to discover A gastrin antagonist.

As the name suggests, it can reduce the secretion of gastrin. Gastrin, also known as gastrin, is an important gastrointestinal hormone. One of its main functions is to promote the secretion of hydrochloric acid by gastric parietal cells and the secretion of pepsinogen by principal cells.

SoProglumideCan pass span>Inhibitsgastrin, reducessecretion of gastric acid and pepsin< span>, which has a better protection and healing effect on the gastric mucosa. It can improve the clinical symptoms of peptic ulcer and has a good effect on ulcer healing. It is mainly used clinically for stomach ulcer,,, span>duodenal ulcer and gastritis etc.

And its biggest advantage is that after the treatment of peptic ulcer and gastritis, there is no “rebound phenomenon” of gastric acid secretion, That is to say, there will be no increase in gastric acid secretion after stopping the drug.

Then why Proglumide is not often used now? This is because the acid suppression effect of proglumideis weaker than proton pump inhibitors (Ogilvy prazole, rabeprazole, etc.) and H2 receptor antagonists (famotidine, ranitidine, etc.) and other acid-suppressing drugs.

Therefore, in recent years, it has beenno longer alonefor the treatment of related diseases clinically, but C Glutamine has not withdrawn from the “stage of history”. In recent years , its choleretic effect has received more clinical attention.

Second, proglumide, in addition to treating stomach problems, is also good for gallbladder!

Proglumide is the first acid-suppressing drug discovered, although it is no longer alone because of its weak effect It is used to treat peptic ulcer and other diseases, but its effect on gallbladder-related diseases has made it re-enter people’s sight.

To understand the effect of proglumidecholeotropic Let’s take gallstones as an example to understand how gallbladder disease occurs.

Under normal circumstances, the human liver will secretebile to come Promote the digestion of fat and other substances.

However, due to high cholesterol diet, obesity, diabetes, high blood fat and other factors, fat span>, cholesterol and other substances in the bodyexcessive accumulation< /span>, bile cannot be completely dissolved, which may cause disorders of bile secretion (such as bile concentration)and< /span>Changed bile composition (e.g. high cholesterol).

At this time, there will be crystallization in the bile, these The crystals gradually calcify and form stones. Repeated stimulation of the gallbladdercan cause cholecystitis And biliary obstruction, abdominal pain, fever, nausea and other clinical symptoms. How does Naproglumide work as a choleretic?

The choleretic effect of proglumide tablets is mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

First, proglumide can stimulate bile acid secretion and effectively prevent stones. Bile is secreted by the liver, and bile acids are an important component of bile.

Bile acid secretion highly affects the secretion of cholesterol, phospholipids, bilirubin, etc. into bile, and it can reduce the oil and water phase promote the digestion and absorption of lipids, and avoid excessive accumulation of lipids so that bile cannot Effectively dissolves and then forms stones.

Most importantly, bile salts in bile acidsWith lecithin, cholesterol can be dispersed to form soluble micelles, not easy to precipitate. Therefore, proglumide can effectively inhibit the formation of gallstones.

Second, proglumide can change bile Factors that form stones.

Research shows that proglumide can reduce bicarbonate concentration span>anddisplacementsignificantlyincreased< /strong>, while the concentrations of free bilirubin, cholesterol and calcium ions reduce.

Under normal conditions, bile salts< /strong>andcholesterolcan be maintained at a certain appropriate ratio but whenexcessive cholesterolordecreased bile salts< /span>When the ratio of the two is out of balance, the dissolved state of cholesterol is destroyed, and cholesterol may occurprecipitation , easy to formgallstones.

So proglumide can prevent stone formation by changing the stone-forming components of bile.

Third, proglumide can dilute the components of bile in the gallbladder to avoid the formation of stones.

Chemical Structure of Proglumide< span>Similar in chemical structure tocholecystokinin (CCK)terminal , canantagonize cholecystokinin (CCK). Cholecystokinin works by contracting the gallbladder.

So proglumide can inhibit by Natural cholecystokinin inhibits gallbladder contraction, which can expand gallbladder capacity, dilute bile components in gallbladder, and avoid stone formation due to bile concentration.

Although proglumide has a choleretic effect,proglumide< /strong>It can only prevent the formation of gallstones to a certain extent. If symptoms such as abdominal pain and fever caused by gallstones are already very obvious, you need to seek medical treatment in time.

In conclusion, although proglumide is no longer used alone for treatment Stomach diseases such as peptic ulcer and gastritis, but it can prevent gallstone formation by stimulating bile acids, changing the stone-forming composition of bile, and diluting the composition of bile in the gallbladder.

In addition, in our daily life, we can also prevent the occurrence of gallstones by developing a healthy lifestyle and eating habits.

Third, do the following 3 points in life to effectively prevent gallbladder stones!

There are many reasons for the formation of gallbladder stones, such as bile containstoo much cholesterol, Bile pigment, and Incomplete emptying of the gallbladder< /strong>etc. may lead todisorder of bile secretion or changes in the composition of bile in , resulting in the formation of stones. Therefore, if we want to prevent gallstones in our lives, we must do it from the following three aspects.

First of all, eat regularly and regularly.

Many young people now havedo not eat breakfast is unhealthy at this time!

If you don’t eat breakfast, bile is stored in the gallbladder for a long time, and the concentration is relatively high,< span>concentrated bileincholesteroland The ratio of bile salt isunbalanced, in this case, cholesterol is easy to produce span>precipitation, crystallization, leading to the occurrence of gallstones.

Moreover, some young people often “organize”, such as “Hot pot bureau”, “barbecue bureau”, etc., it is very easy to overeat at partiesovereating, and eat someFatty foods that also make biliary special thick, for a long time, the cholesterol in bile< span> is deposited to form gallstones.

So in life we ​​have to eat regularly and develop a habit of eating on time Habits to avoid overeating.

Secondly, maintain a healthy weight.

Obesity is one of the main causes of gallstones, Obese people usually do not like to exercise, and usually have less activity, and the contraction function of the gallbladder will also decrease accordingly, and the gallbladder< /span>Abnormal systolic function, there may be delayed emptying, the bile in the gallbladder is too saturated, a large amount of bileCholesterol crystalsIf they cannot all be discharged into the intestinal tract of the human body, they will accumulate in the bile and calcify to form stones.

At the same time, obese people tend to eat some< /span>high fat, high calorie food, over time Will mergehyperlipidemia, resulting in cholesterol in the liver rises to enter the gallbladder with bile. When the cholesterol in the bile is too high, it will precipitate and form crystals, which will form gallstones.

So, to maintain a healthy weight, avoid Occurrence of gallbladder stones due to obesity.

Finally, eat healthy and exercise properly !

Our daily diet should try to avoidhigh oil and high fat andfried, barbecueFoods, because the high fat content in these foods can affect gallbladder contraction function, and can< strong>Changes the composition of bile, which can lead to gallstones.

So we have to be reasonableHealthy eating ,Eat more vegetables and fruits,Researchers from Harvard Medical School found after a long-term follow-up survey of more than 77,000 women that gallbladder disease The lower odds of cholecystectomy for gallstones were among women who ate a lot of fruits and vegetables.

And exercise properly, through sports, such asrunning< span>, playing badminton, etc., can accelerate fat consumption, effectively avoid the accumulation of fat in the body, thereby preventing the occurrence of gallstones.

Fourth, summary

Proglumide, the first discoveredgastrin antagonist,< span>Has better protection of gastric mucosaandpromotes healing role. And after treating peptic ulcer and gastritis, it can keep gastric acid at normal level within half a year without “rebound phenomenon”. Clinically, it is mainly used for gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer and gastritis.

In addition, proglumide also has a good choleretic effect, it can stimulate bile through Acids, altering the stone-forming components of bile, and Dilutes the components of bile in the gallbladder to prevent the formation of gallstones.

Cholelithiasis is a common disease in daily life. In addition to drug prevention and treatment, it can also be treatedEating regular meals, maintaining a healthy weight, and < strong>healthy diet, proper exercise, etc. to prevent gallstones, Have you learned it?


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