The world’s largest! 16 MW Offshore Wind Turbine Off the Production Line

On November 23, the 16 MW offshore wind turbine unit jointly developed by China Three Gorges Corporation and Goldwind Sci-Tech rolled off the production line in Fujian Three Gorges Offshore Wind Power International Industrial Park. This unit is currently the wind turbine unit with the largest single-unit capacity, the largest impeller diameter, and the lightest weight per megawatt in the world. It marks an important breakthrough in the high-end equipment manufacturing capacity of my country’s offshore wind power large-capacity units and has reached the international leading level.

here The second offline wind turbine with a unit capacity of 16 MW has an impeller diameter of 252 meters and an impeller sweep area of ​​about 50,000 square meters, which is about the size of seven standard football fields; the height of the hub is 146 meters, about the same as a 50-story building. the height of the building. Under rated working conditions, a single unit can generate 34.2 kWh per revolution. According to the multi-year average power generation design value, a single unit can output more than 66 million kWh of clean electricity per year, which can meet the annual living electricity consumption of 36,000 households of three, save about 22,000 tons of standard coal, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions About 54,000 tons.

“16M The successful roll-out of the tile unit marks that my country’s wind power equipment industry has achieved a historic leap from “following” to “running alongside” to “leading”, creating the latest benchmark for the development of global offshore wind power equipment.” Director of China Three Gorges Corporation Chairman Lei Mingshan said.

“The 16-megawatt unit has made important technological breakthroughs in the R&D and manufacturing of key core components such as large-scale main shaft bearings and ultra-long lightweight blades. Inclement weather intelligently adjusts the operation mode to ensure the safety and efficient power generation of wind turbines.” Zhai Endi, chief engineer of Goldwind Technology Co., Ltd., said.

More than a month ago, the 13.6 MW offshore wind turbine that rolled off the production line in the Fujian Three Gorges Offshore Wind Power International Industrial Park was once the wind turbine with the largest impeller diameter in the world and the largest single-unit capacity in the Asia-Pacific region. “The 16 MW offshore wind turbine that rolled off the assembly line this time broke the record again, which is another important milestone in the development of my country’s offshore wind power. It is also another example of Fujian Three Gorges Offshore Wind Power International Industrial Park helping the coordinated development of the industrial chain and promoting the common progress of upstream and downstream enterprises. A vivid practice.” Said Lei Zengjuan, executive director and secretary of the party committee of Fujian Energy Investment Company of Three Gorges Group. (People’s Daily)