Scenery in the rain on a light snow day

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Picture|Transcendence Mountain Man

Scene in the rain on a light snow day

The breeze rustles the yellow leaves,

The morning rain is misty and dusty.

The plantain outside the window is still green,

Ginkgo biloba in front of the building.

Floating and falling leaves go with the wind,

Curved straight and horizontal and oblique with rain.

Don’t take the crown of glory and greenery,

Fragrant and cultivate bamboo, the virtue is true.

About the author

Canghai Mingzhu, whose real name is Zhu Wenli, is a member of Chinese Writers Association, a member of Shandong Writers Association, Member of Shandong Writers Association Network Literature Creation Committee, member of Shandong Women’s Painting and Calligraphy Association. Gold Medalist Writer of Xiaoxiang Academy. The 3rd Orange Melon Network Literature Award Top 100 Gods.

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