The woman went on the operating table and chatted endlessly, and it cost an extra 20 yuan

In the morning, the orthopaedic operating room is busy with surgery.

Suddenly, the emergency department called for an additional operation. No way, everything has to make way for the emergency.

Entering the operating room is a young female patient.

Dr. Liu, who is in charge of the anesthesia, is ready to administer the anesthesia immediately. But during the process, Dr. Liu felt that she was extremely uncooperative.

This lack of cooperation is mainly reflected in too many words.

The wound was on the finger and was bleeding all the time. The chattering performance made Dr. Liu think that she was a little overexcited in the early stage of shock.

After urgent blood gas analysis and blood pressure measurements, the possibility of excessive blood loss was basically ruled out. So, everyone went on with the operation.

Dr. Liu is holding the ultrasound probe and starting the nerve block. Although she would “squeak” as soon as the needle was inserted, Dr. Liu completed the anesthesia calmly and quickly.

After the anesthesia is complete, test the effect of the anesthesia. However, she refused to cooperate, just kept asking questions or screaming pain.

Until the arm sank and became weak, Dr. Liu stopped trying to persuade her to be quiet, picked up a sedative and shot it in.

She fell asleep quickly after the drug took effect. On the side of the operation, they have also returned to the state of continuing the operation.

Seeing the excited state of the patient before, the orthopaedic doctor was a little worried that the anesthetic was not enough, so he ordered two local anesthetics to come on stage. But Dr. Liu said with certainty: No need for additional anesthesia, she is not in pain.

Sure enough, no matter what she did, she slept there the whole time. This state continued until the end of the operation. She even continued to sleep until she got out of the elevator.

At this time, the nurse also joked: Spending an extra 20 yuan, a good night’s sleep is also good.

Actually, Dr. Liu considered another aspect at the time, that is, local anesthetic poisoning.

He was anesthetized with ultrasound-guided nerve blocks with greater precision and less anaesthetic. However, if the patient’s own anesthetic is absorbed too quickly or is not resistant to anesthesia, anesthetic poisoning may also occur.

Also, he really didn’t intend to calm her down. Because her operation is very fast, it is expected to take more than 20 minutes. I fell asleep and had to lift it up when I got off the operating table.

In the operating room, lifting patients is also a physical task. If people can’t move, they are really heavy. Sometimes, ten people are carried a day. This inadvertent life is also testing everyone’s waist strength.

I’m here to remind everyone not to be too nervous on the operating table. If you are too nervous, it may cause your doctor to worry and take action. But doing so may cost you more.

[Warm reminder] Please pay attention, here are a lot of professional medical science, to reveal the secrets of surgical anesthesia for you~