The whole city of Chengdu is silently waiting, will there be an epidemic similar to Shanghai? Should you stock up?

Since Chengdu reported its first imported case from outside the province on August 12, more than 900 cases have been reported so far, especially in the past 4 days, more than 100 cases have been reported every day, 5 The daily report is over 500 cases, and the epidemic seems to have suddenly entered a period of acceleration. The rapid increase in infection cases led Chengdu to announce today that the city has entered a period of silence, and postponed the start of primary and secondary schools, and all staff will undergo nucleic acid screening.

So is there an outbreak similar to Shanghai in Chengdu? I don’t think so. Since the outbreak in Shanghai, epidemics similar to Chengdu have occurred in many parts of the country, and they have been effectively controlled. Everyone has gained experience in fighting the epidemic from the epidemic prevention in Shanghai. Once there is a trend of rapid increase in cases, immediately Screening of all staff, tracing the transmission path of the virus for effective cutting, isolation and prevention and control, most of which can slow down the spread of the virus in the population. For example, Chengdu has identified at least 20 transmission chains this time, and tracked and quarantined them separately. It is believed that the epidemic will be well controlled soon, and there should be no epidemic like Shanghai.

As for the issue of hoarding vegetables, I recall that at the end of last year, the Ministry of Commerce advised everyone to hoard some rice and noodles. At that time, I didn’t understand what it meant. Entering 2022, there will be many epidemics across the country and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Without verifying the foresight of this suggestion, it is still necessary to prepare some spare materials at home before each epidemic, and even when there is no epidemic, it is necessary to keep some at home.