Argentina has fatal pneumonia of unknown cause, 2 dead and 4 severe, the cause has not yet been determined

In a nursing home in Argentina, a sudden and fatal pneumonia of unknown cause occurred in one patient, followed by five medical staff, one of whom died and four in critical condition Status, the onset time was between August 18-22, and the specific pathogen has not yet been identified.

These infected people have been routinely tested for a variety of pathogens, including a variety of respiratory viruses, intestinal bacteria and coronavirus tests, and the test results are all negative. It has been nearly 2 years since the incident. weeks, but still unable to identify the pathogen, which has caused panic locally and the world’s attention, the current public health event seems to be under control, because there are no follow-up infections, which also shows from the side that the pathogen that caused the event is contagious The sex is not very strong, but the lethality is not low.

Some netizens proposed to use the method of metagenomics to sequence various microbial genes in the secretion of patients, so that the types of pathogens can be quickly analyzed. Find out all the pathogens, and then analyze their pathogenicity one by one, and find common pathogens among the infected to achieve the purpose of determining the cause. It is not clear why this has not been done yet, and I hope that it can be quickly controlled and clarified. disease to prevent large-scale spread.