The weather is too hot, the “European holiday” has to be rescheduled

After two years of travel delays due to the pandemic, people in many places are looking forward to restarting summer European travel this year. But who would have thought the weather would be so bad this year.

London’s Luton Airport runway is so hot that it has to be shut down for maintenance; wildfires have broken out in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece; not to mention the heat in many places Warning.

According to the “New York Times” report, many people in the tourism industry have reported that more and more More and more travelers decide to adjust their itinerary because of the heat, change their daytime activity plans, or simply postpone their trip for a month or two.

I haven’t tried anyone saying “maybe we’re not going to Rome anymore, let’s find a city closer to the beach”. Or shorten the itinerary in the urban area and set off early for the countryside.

Karen Magee, senior vice president of a luxury travel services company.

There are also families who decide to change from cities like Rome that are experiencing high temperatures before departure. into Amsterdam or Copenhagen.

In terms of climate change, this type of travel adjustment will only become more common in the future. According to travel writer Rick Steves:

This is a period of adjustment as we readjust our lives in the face of worsening climate impacts.