The “warm harbor” of party members and masses! This street in Songjiang has established a party-mass service station in the commercial square

“With this warm harbor, we can sit down and have a massage when we are tired, we can drink water when we are thirsty, we can charge our mobile phone when it is out of power, and we can also heat up meals in a microwave oven, which is great!” November 28 On the afternoon of the same day, Ge Qiangqiang, the courier brother, said this while resting at the newly opened Hengdu Square Party-mass Service Station in Zhongshan Street. It is understood that this is the first party-mass service station established on a commercial plaza in Zhongshan Street, and it is a useful exploration of the establishment of a party-mass service station on a commercial plaza.

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Hengdu Plaza Party-mass Service Station is located in Hengdu Plaza, Zhongshan Street, aiming to provide accurate, convenient and personalized services for Party members and masses , Concentrating efforts to build it into a red front of the square business district, a good-neighborly center for residents and businesses, a “gas station” for party members and masses, and a “heart-warming home” for new employment groups. The service station is divided into upper and lower floors. The first floor includes convenience service corner, health service corner, reading corner, event publicity display corner, “new” language wish message corner, etc. It also has party affairs consultation, summer heating, meal heating, free WIFI, Functions such as mobile phone charging, umbrella rental, and convenience medicine box; the second floor also has a square meeting room, an organization living room, and a multi-functional activity room. position.

< p>“In order to better serve the party members and masses of business districts, merchants and enterprises along Rongmei Road, as well as new employment groups such as express delivery, takeaway guys, and online car drivers, the party-mass service station of Hengdu Plaza actively Explore the operation and maintenance guarantee mechanism of the working force of the position, and adopt the operation and maintenance mode of street party building work instructor + “two new” party building work instructors and “double rotations”, that is, the party building work instructor is stationed in the party and mass positions on a regular basis, and the “two new” party building work The instructors are stationed in the party-mass positions in rotation, and by integrating regional resources, they formulate a weekly menu of activities for the positions to provide a working force guarantee for the positions to come alive and turn around.” said Han Yonggu, head of the party-mass service station in Hengdu Square.

Text: Liang Feng

Photo: Liang Feng

Editor: Chen Yan Zhang Youming Shen Lina< /p>