The volume button of Huawei mobile phone actually hides these 6 small functions, which is really powerful

We use mobile phones a lot, do you know what functions are there for each accessory? Today, I will share with you the six wonderful uses of the volume key and power key of Huawei mobile phones. These six functions can be said to be very practical, and many people may not know it, because in the impression of most people, the volume key is used to adjust the volume of the sound. In fact, it is not only used to adjust the volume. . Next, let’s find out together.

Function 1, when the shutter uses

to take pictures normally, we The camera is turned on, and everyone presses the virtual shutter button on the phone screen, but it is inconvenient to press the virtual button when taking a selfie with a large-screen phone. In fact, the cool profile can also be used as a shutter. We only need to press the volume down button gently, and it will take a photo, which is very convenient.

Function 2, Screen Shots

When we want to quickly To shoot the next scene, the usual sequence is to turn on our mobile phone, then find the camera, click it, and then click the shutter to shoot, which takes a few seconds at the fastest,

In fact, there is a faster method, that is, when the screen is off, we can quickly shoot the fleeting scenery by double-clicking the volume down button. , can be said to be very convenient.

Function 3, page turning function

Everyone knows that the volume key can It is used to adjust the sound. In fact, we can also use the volume keys to translate. Now many people read e-books on their mobile phones. This function is much more convenient. When we read e-books, many people usually use their fingers on the screen. Swipe back and forth above to turn the page. In fact, we can press the volume up and down keys to turn the page. We press the volume down key to turn back, and we press the volume up key to turn left, which is very practical. convenient.

Function 4, quick screenshots

Many people use drop-down menus for screenshots bar, and then click the screenshot in it, and click it to take a screenshot. In fact, there is a faster way. We can press the volume key and the power key at the same time to complete the screenshot. If you see him, the screenshot is successful.

Is it faster and more convenient?

Function five, screen recording

Usually, we have to When recording the screen, drop down the menu bar, and then click the screen recording icon to record. In fact, there is a more convenient and simple method for Huawei mobile phones, that is, we press and hold the volume up button and the power button for a long time. If you don’t see it, it will be recorded here. If you can see it, the screen recording function will be turned on. If we press and hold it again, it will be turned off, which is very convenient.

Function 6, emergency call

When our mobile phone is in the state of off-screen, if we encounter an emergency, we can press the power button five times in a row, and it will start the emergency call, and we can quickly directly to the emergency number here.

I will share it with you today, your What model is the phone? How many of the above functions does it support? If you find it useful, don’t forget to forward and share it with your friends, your sharing can help more people in need.