Give you a pair of discerning eyes and teach you to identify real and fake Moutai?

Now a bottle of Feitian Moutai 3000 is not something that ordinary people can consume. Because its unit price is very high, it is also targeted by some criminals to produce and sell fake wine. The general methods of making fake wine are:

1. Use fake packaging materials to pretend to be fake. Alcoholic: This kind of counterfeiting is the worst and the best to identify. The real Moutaiwine box is bright and lustrous, the material is good, the trademark is clear and bumpy, and the bottle body is even, smooth and flawless. You can find the relevant information of this bottle of Moutai by sweeping the Moutai bottle cap in the Moutai Traceability APP with a mobile phone with NFC function. Looking at the rubber cap under different light, the color changes obviously. There are Maotai Chinese characters and pinyin characters on the rubber cap, and no matter what the light is, the two characters of Maotai are very clear and have little change.

2. Liquor: Remove the original bottle cap of Moutai by special methods, pour out the Moutai in the bottle, then pour in low-grade wine, Put the cap on. When distinguishing between true and false, you can check whether the rubber cap is complete, whether it is attached to the bottle cap, whether it is rotated seriously, whether there is glue mark or tear in the bonding place of the rubber cap.

3. Punching wine is to punch a small hole in the bottle of real Moutai, take out the wine, pour low-grade wine into the bottle, and then seal the small hole. To check its authenticity, you can use a strong light flashlight to illuminate the bottle body from the blank space between the front and rear labels of the bottle body, especially pay attention to the back of the front and rear labels, the bottle mouth And whether there are small black spots on the bottom of the bottle, pay attention to distinguish the difference between the defective spots and the black spots on the bottle body. If there are black spots, it is punched wine.

So when buying Moutai, you must identify the sales channels, try to buy in regular stores, and ask for proof of purchase.