The three strangest dishes in Guangdong, regardless of the difference in price, the locals rush to eat them, but which one have you tried?

There are so many wonders in China, especially in terms of food. Perhaps because of the love of food or because food was precious in the past, there will always be a few strange foods in various places. If you want to say where the most is probably Guangdong, Most of the other strange foods are local snacks. Today, I will show you some of the strangest snacks in Guangdong. I don’t know which one do you dare to eat?

The first water snake soup

You must have heard the stalk of Cantonese eating Fujian people, jokes It’s fake, but the recipes of Cantonese people are so extensive that it’s true. Apart from eating chicken, many Cantonese people also like to eat snakes, especially like to use it to make soup into snake soup. It is said that it is more fragrant than eel, but they are scared away because it is a snake. Many people, not only that, it is said that there is a dish of stewed cat meat with snake meat in Guangdong called Longhudou. I don’t know if it is true or not.

The second sour bamboo shoots and snail pot

Guangxi snail powder must have been heard by everyone, but Guangdong I don’t know if you have heard of the sour bamboo shoots and snail lion pot. The ingredients are almost the same, but the method is similar to chicken pot. As for the smell, I am afraid it is even better.

The third drunk shrimp

Japanese people like to eat sashimi and sashimi, but when it comes to eating raw fish, it depends on the Cantonese. They wash the shrimp and soak them in wine. Many shrimps are still alive when they are eaten. The taste and the aroma of wine are beautiful, but there is also a risk that they are parasites. Although alcohol has a sterilizing effect, it can’t release parasites. The love for raw pickles such as drunk shrimp and crab has also made Guangdong a high-incidence area for parasites. .

I don’t know which of the above three would you dare to eat?