The theme of Tanabata travel is diversified, and the peak of air ticket booking is expected to appear on the day after the Tanabata festival

Tomorrow is Qixi Festival. Information from Mafengwo, Ctrip, Tuniu and other travel booking platforms shows that this year’s “Qixi Festival” is a working day, and various “night games” have become the preferred way for young people to celebrate the festival after get off work. Among those who choose to travel, the long-distance romantic travel punch-in place is contracted by Hainan and Yunnan.

The top three of night riding, sunset Frisbee and city night tour

This year’s “Tanabata” is a working day, and various “night games” have become The preferred way for young people to celebrate the holidays after get off work. Mafengwo travel and entertainment big data found that “biking” keywords such as “Beijing night riding route” and “Chengdu night riding route” surpassed the hotels and restaurants in previous years, and became the most popular search terms for “Qixi Festival” this year. Among the most popular “Qi Xi” night play items among young people, outdoor activities account for 50%.

“Young people’s enthusiasm for outdoor activities is unprecedentedly high, which is closely related to the popularity of emerging outdoor games in the past two years, and it is also related to young people’s enthusiasm for healthy lifestyles.” Ma Yutao, head of Mafengwo Data Research Center, said. In addition to cycling, using a sunset Frisbee to release pressure after get off work, climbing up to enjoy the city’s night scene at the beginning of the lanterns, or going to a theme park to indulge in carnivals are all popular ways for young people to celebrate. The New Shougang Bridge with bright lights at night is a popular destination for night riders in Beijing, with a recent increase of 133% in popularity. Shanghai’s Binjiang Trail Night Ride has recently gained 83% in popularity.

In addition to outdoor sports, more and more urban night scenes are also rejuvenated by young people. In addition to Beijing’s Olympic Tower, Shanghai’s The Bund, Guangzhou’s “Xiaomanyao” and other well-known urban landmarks at night, the Chang’an twelve-hour theme block in Xi’an has become Xi’an with its Tang-style architecture and immersive market life experience. The new Internet celebrity check-in place has risen by 48% in the past week.

The peak of air ticket bookings is expected to appear on the next day of the Qixi Festival

Entering the “Qixi Week”, couples in first-tier cities have also ushered in the pursuit of tropical islands peak. The couples are either on their way back from Sanya or on their way to Sanya.

Data from the Ctrip platform shows that from August 1st to August 5th, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou ranked among the top three popular travel destinations and destinations in China from August 1st to August 5th. In particular, air ticket bookings in Beijing and Shanghai both showed double-digit growth from the previous week. In terms of popular routes, the top four domestic popular routes are closely related to Beijing, Shanghai and Sanya.

Judging from the air ticket bookings of popular destinations, the peak of air ticket bookings during the “Qixi Week” is expected to occur during the Qixi Festival. the next day. Data from the Ctrip platform shows that on August 5, air ticket bookings in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou all saw double-digit growth from the previous week. Not only that, before and after the Qixi Festival, hotels within 5 kilometers of the airport have also become popular choices for couples to book rooms.

The theme of Chinese Valentine’s Day travel shows a trend of diversification

This year’s Qixi Festival is on Thursday, August 4th. Although it is a working day, it still cannot stop most couples Their passion for a sweet journey. According to the booking data of, more couples choose to spend vacations to start this year’s Qixi Festival. Among them, 3-4 day travel orders accounted for 29%, followed by 5-6 days travel itinerary orders accounted for 24%.

Judging from the booking data of, theme parks, seaside islands, cultural/natural relics, etc. are the most popular travel themes for couples during the Qixi Festival this year. In addition, couples have also maintained a high interest in camping, travel photography, etc. In’s Qixi Festival hot-selling list, products including starry sky camping, beach camping, RV camping, desert camping, and travel photography are popular. more love for couples.

In addition, around the Qixi Festival, romantic themed group tour products are also very popular. According to data from the Ctrip platform, from July 30 to August 7, the transaction volume of group tour products with the theme of romance and honeymoon on the Ctrip platform increased by nearly 4 times year-on-year. It is worth noting that, around the Qixi Festival, the top 5 romantic themed line products in terms of transaction volume were all swept by Yunnan. Strong parent-child attributes, pure play without shopping, and rich experience have become the core features of these popular products.

Text/Beijing Youth Daily reporter Zhao Tingting

Editor/Gao Yan