The temperature in the shady area of ​​the pharmacy is not up to standard, and the storage of medicines is not standardized! Are your medicines on the right track?

Summer is hot and humid

Particular attention should be paid to the preservation of medicines

Proposed in the “Good Manufacturing Practice for Pharmaceuticals”

Retail pharmacies must have shaded areas

Refrigerate medicines that require refrigeration

In a Neptune Pharmacy on Tulip Road, Nanjing

Despite having a shady area in the pharmacy as required

But the temperature in the shady area is not up to standard

The shaded area is not only the door open

The air conditioner is also disabled

Thermometer display

The temperature in the shady area is close to 30 degrees

And many of the drugs are marked

requires storage below 20 degrees Celsius

In addition, law enforcement officers found

Some medicines are not stored in accordance with the regulations

For example, some oral liquids, etc.

All are required to be stored below 20 degrees Celsius

But the store didn’t put them in a shaded area

Pharmacy staff said

The air conditioner in the shaded area has been damaged

Waiting for repair after reporting for repair

At another Xiansheng Zao Kang pharmacy

It’s cool in the pharmacy

The store has also set up a shaded area as required

But there is a problem that the door of the shaded area is not closed in time

Law enforcement officials said

Most varieties of cool drugs are required to be stored below 20℃

The room temperature category is required to be stored below 30℃

On the instructions of various medicines

The temperature of the standard storage will be marked

Pharmacies must strictly enforce this

The stability of a drug is not only related to its properties

To a large extent

Also subject to temperature, humidity, light, storage time

The interference of external factors such as packaging containers

So when people store medicines at home

Also pay attention to the drug packaging and instructions

Store medicines in a suitable environment

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