The strong cold air will arrive tomorrow, and Shanghai may welcome the first snow next week!

On this past weekend

The warm and humid air is firmly entrenched over Shanghai

The highest temperature stands at the beginning of “2”

And today’s Shanghai is still

I like to mention a day with a maximum temperature of 20℃+

Many people can’t help but want to I asked

Where did the strong cold air go?

< div class="pgc-img">Ground low pressure field at 14:00 today

Don’t worry, Today will be warm and humid air

“The last stubbornness” in Shencheng


The strongest cold air in the second half of the year has arrived in Xinjiang

Today and tomorrow will mainly affect the northwest region

< span>According to the data released by Shanghai Central Meteorological Observatory

It is expected to affect the city from November 29

The cold wave is coming

Shencheng Ben The weather will usher in a big change this week:

The temperature drops significantly

The wind direction has changed to the northerly and the wind has increased

At that time, the maximum temperature will drop by 10℃

The city’s temperature ranges from 17°C to 22°C throughout the day span>

Overcast with showers, moderate to heavy rain locally Level

Look at this cooling devil’s pace< /span>


29th: 12~17 degrees


The temperature is “upside down”, and the temperature begins to drop sharply after noon.

30th: 4~7 degrees

The temperature has not yet reached the end, Keep reading!

December 1: 2~6 degrees

The coldest day under the influence of this cold wave! The lowest temperature in the urban area is 2 degrees, Suburbs are between minus 1 degree and zero degrees, and there may be sleet or light snow.

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The temperature will start to rise from December 3

However, the overall temperature has dropped significantly

With more rainy weather, the body feels more humid

The feeling of winter More and more obvious

small The editor reminds everyone

Don’t be confused by the warmth in front of you

< p data-track="48">Down jacket, cotton sweater, cotton wool trousers

Quickly find out

At the same time, due to the unusually strong warm and humid airflow before

When the cold air arrives

The warm and humid air is still stubbornly “resisting”

Under the confrontation of cold and warm air

This cold wave weather In addition to strong winds and severe cooling

It will also bring extensive rain and snow Weather

Specifically Look, starting from tomorrow

The weather in Shencheng will drop sharply with the north wind blowing

Feeling the wet and cold “magic attack” while it is raining

Warm Guide< /span>

Temperature dip

Be sure to keep warm

Coping with cold weather

This “Warm Guide” is ready for you


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The editor reminds everyone

Safe heating is very important

You must pay attention to these things