Oxygen concentrators, hydrogen inhalers, ultraviolet lamps… Is it necessary to buy these devices at home because of the high incidence of diseases in autumn and winter?

Autumn and winter are seasons with high incidence of influenza and other diseases. In addition, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has not yet ended, and related disinfection and medical equipment products have become popular on online shopping platforms, such as Ultraviolet disinfection lamps, oxygen generators, hydrogen suction machines, etc.

So, should ordinary families buy such equipment?

Oxygen Concentrator

Some people think that if you buy an oxygen generator at home, you can replenish oxygen in time if you are sick; even if you are healthy, there is no harm in taking more oxygen every day. disease, no disease and disease prevention”.

But in fact, ordinary people do not need to buy an oxygen generator.

Under normal circumstances, the oxygen in the air is enough to meet the needs of the human body, and there is no need to use oxygen machine to inhale oxygen.

Only when there is a disease in the respiratory or circulatory system, oxygen cannot enter the cells in the body smoothly, and Oxygen is only needed when hypoxemia occurs. But symptomatic diagnosis and treatment is required even if oxygen is inhaled.

If you are unfortunately infected with the new coronavirus, generally asymptomatic and mild symptoms do not require oxygen inhalation; Oxygen inhalation; oxygen inhalation is only required for severe and critical cases. But in this scenario, the oxygen generator at home cannot play a therapeutic role. The “Diagnosis and Treatment Plan for Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (Trial Ninth Edition)” (hereinafter referred to as the “Diagnosis and Treatment Plan”) clearly states that severe patients should be given oxygen therapy immediately. ) close observation, if the respiratory distress and (or) hypoxemia does not improve, nasal high-flow oxygen therapy or non-invasive ventilation should be used. In critically ill patients, endotracheal intubation and invasive mechanical ventilation should be considered. However, ordinary household oxygen generators cannot perform such treatment.

In dealing with influenza, oxygen inhalation is only an adjuvant treatment. The most important in the fight against influenza are antiviral drugs such as oseltamivir and zanamivir.

Professionals pointed out that oxygen inhalation has specific application scenarios:

Extremely severe COPD patients with hypoxemia When patients with diseases and healthy people enter plateau areas, they need to inhale oxygen.

But oxygen concentration Too high or too long time can lead to oxygen poisoning. Therefore, oxygen therapy should be carried out under the guidance of medical staff or professionals.

Hydrogen Absorber< /strong>

In addition to the oxygen generator, There are also hydrogen inhalation machines on the market, and the saying of “inhaling hydrogen for health preservation” has become popular among the elderly. All kinds of “hydrogen nourishment halls” invite the elderly to experience hydrogen inhalation, claiming to be able to resist new crowns, cancer and aging.

However,The efficacy of hydrogen inhalation also has a question mark.

Hydrogen has appeared in the diagnosis and treatment of new coronary pneumonia——in “New Coronavirus Pneumonia “Diagnosis and Treatment Plan (Trial Seventh Edition)” mentions that “hydrogen-oxygen mixed inhalation treatment can be used if conditions permit”. However, in the latest ninth edition of “Diagnosis and Treatment Program”, this treatment method no longer exists.

Regarding the role of hydrogen in the treatment of lung diseases, Professor Wang Changhui, director of the Respiratory Department of Shanghai Tenth People’s Hospital, once said , Inhalation of hydrogen can reduce the flow rate resistance of gas in the bronchial tree, improve the utilization rate of oxygen, reduce airway resistance, and relieve the symptoms of dyspnea; the combination of hydrogen, oxygen and drugs can effectively improve the utilization rate of inhaled drugs. But this is only for the treatment of lung diseases, and the role of hydrogen is defined as “assistant”, improving the utilization rate of oxygen and drugs, which does not mean that hydrogen itself can cure lung diseases.

There is no rigorous scientific basis for claims such as hydrogen “anti-cancer” and “anti-aging”. At present, the research achievements of hydrogen on biological effects obtained by the medical field are mainly obtained from mice as a model, and the application in human clinical treatment is seldom. Therefore, what role hydrogen plays in the human body is still under study.

Want to be vigilant:

Compressed hydrogen, compressed oxygen, etc. damage to the container), may present a hazard.

So, don’t buy “oxygen generators” or “hydrogen inhalers” blindly.

Ultraviolet disinfection lamp

Recently, with the emergence of epidemics in many places, some people have begun to purchase ultraviolet disinfection lamps. Does this light work?

From the perspective of efficacy, ultraviolet lamps do have the effect of sterilization and disinfection, but the following points should be paid attention to when using ultraviolet lamps to disinfect rooms:

First of all, it is difficult for ultraviolet disinfection lamps to disinfect “zero dead ends”. Ultraviolet penetration is weak, the radiation energy is low, and it is easily blocked by objects or even dust. Generally, there are many furniture and objects in the family room, so the ultraviolet lamp can only kill the microorganisms directly irradiated, and the disinfection and sterilization effect will be discounted.

Secondly, ultraviolet rays can damage the skin and mucous membranes. When using ultraviolet lamps to disinfect, you must take good protection. If you can’t look directly at the light source, make sure that various creatures (including decorative plants and pets at home) are not exposed to ultraviolet rays. If the exposed skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time, redness, swelling, itching, and pain will occur. Excessive ultraviolet radiation can also harm the eyes, skin, and immune system, and long-term exposure can cause skin aging and even canceration.

Thirdly, after being sterilized by ultraviolet light, it is necessary to open the windows for more than half an hour before entering the house. Because after ultraviolet disinfection is used, the oxygen in the air will turn into ozone, and long-term and large-scale inhalation of ozone will cause irreversible damage to the human body.

In general, ultraviolet lamps are more suitable for commercial disinfection, but household use is more cumbersome.

For ordinary families In other words, opening windows every day for ventilation is healthier and more environmentally friendly.