The street where the “Zero Distance Home” originated launched a five-year “roadmap” for grassroots governance and a “construction order” for next year

On the afternoon of November 23, Nanjing East Road Sub-district held a promotion meeting for party building to lead grassroots governance to jointly build a beautiful “zero-distance home” to conscientiously implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China , promote the implementation of the requirements of the Central Committee, the Municipal Party Committee, and the District Party Committee on deepening and promoting the modernization of the grassroots governance system and governance capabilities, benchmarking the positioning requirements of “building a landmark street that represents the image and level of Shanghai”, focusing on the construction of “zero distance homes”, and striving to build grassroots The “three highlands” of party building, governance, and service actively explore new ways for party building to lead the modernization of grassroots governance, and create a model of high-efficiency urban grassroots governance.

At the meeting, Li Zhongxing, deputy secretary of the District Party Committee and other leaders lit up the “Ying Nandong” block Co-govern the map, and award plaques to representatives of the South East “Zero Distance Home” star partners.

In his speech, Li Zhongxing, deputy secretary of the District Party Committee, affirmed that Nanjing East Road Street is promoting grassroots governance The modernization of the system and governance capacity, and the innovative practice of building a beautiful “zero-distance home”. solve.

The Party Working Committee of Nanjing East Road East Road Street reviewed and summarized the “zero distance home” in recent years “Constructing and developing achievements, the next step will focus on studying and implementing the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, further promote the modernization of the grassroots governance system and governance capabilities, and focus on promoting the following characteristic work: First, adhere to the whole process and all aspects, and deepen the “zero distance” Homeland” democratic governance mechanism. Under the four-level organizational system of streets, blocks, residential areas, and blocks led by the party building, we will further divide and implement the micro-grid, and improve the participation path of the whole process of democratic consultation and deliberation. The second is to highlight systematization and specialization, and improve the operational efficiency of the “zero-distance home” position. Promote the formation of a “zero-distance home” position system that combines “points, lines, and areas” in the jurisdiction, complete functions, sufficient coverage, and wide recognition and influence, and introduce third-party resources to achieve professional and branded operations. The third is to enhance mobilization and influence, and demonstrate the unity and cohesion effect of “zero distance home”. Fully implement the “Zero Distance Home” star partner program, fully mobilize and effectively organize multiple subjects in the jurisdiction, discuss community affairs together, work together to solve difficult problems, and form a strong joint force to promote grassroots governance to improve quality and efficiency.

At the meeting, Nanjing East Road Sub-district also released the top ten actions for the construction of “zero-distance homes” in 2023 and “Nanjing East Road Street “Zero Distance Home” Construction Instruction Manual (Trial)”.