The small sleigh at the east end of Heping Road

The east end of Heping Road I mentioned was the east end of Heping Road in the early 1980s. At that time, Heping Road was not long. It started from Yonggu Gate at Weizimen in Dongshefang in the west and ended at the west entrance of Majiazhuang in the east, which was the section from Lishan Road to Shanda Road. The road was not wide either, and it had just been paved with asphalt at that time, so it became a somewhat decent road.

There is Jinan Sewing Machine Factory on the south side of the road, which produces Meihua brand sewing machines. At that time, our unit had just tried to produce the sequence control electrical equipment on the sewing machine lifting shaft production line. According to the requirements, we first went to Beijing Sewing Machine Factory for installation and debugging, then to Taiyuan Sewing Machine Factory, then to Lunan Sewing Machine Factory, and finally we went to Jinan Sewing Machine Factory for installation and debugging. Entering and exiting the gate of the factory, standing on Heping Road, I saw that the dormitory buildings were being built in full swing on the north side of Heping Road. The construction site was full of soldiers from the People’s Liberation Army.

At that time, I thought that the quality of the buildings built by the People’s Liberation Army must be very good, and whoever can live there will be too lucky. Unexpectedly, in the second year, my wife’s work unit was divided into dormitories, and she was also allocated a set. The location is just opposite to the workshop where I debugged the equipment. What a coincidence, the dream came true.

At that time, the child was just over two years old, and the family of three had a house, which was very happy. The third brother brought all the furniture here, a bed, a cabinet, a writing desk, and a table. At that time, he felt that the room was large and there were too few furniture, and he felt a bit empty at that time.

I remember the winter when I just moved to the Heping Xincun community, the first heavy snow fell in the winter, and the heavy snow in the city had been trampled by pedestrians The snow on the east end of Heping Road, Majiazhuang Zhuangkou, and the small wheat fields on Shanda Road is still white and flawless.

I went home and made a sled out of bamboo. Tie a rope, let my two-year-old daughter sit on it, and pull her, from east to west, from west to east, trotting all the way at the east end of Heping Road, attracting bursts of cheerful laughter from her daughter.

Forty years have passed, Heping Road has more than doubled to the east, and the road has been two or three times wider, and buses of No. 7 and 8 are also used. The Heping Xincun community has also become an old community. The old sewing machine factory is still there, but the name of the factory has been changed long ago, and the number of new buildings on both sides of Heping Road is also increasing.

Now that my daughter is middle-aged, maybe she has long forgotten about riding a sled. I have long since dared not run on the snow. But the shape of the little sleigh and the happy laughter of the little daughter are still vivid in my mind, and the sound is still in my ears, which is unforgettable.

Yidanhao Shandong Old Yan

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