“Salute to the most beautiful sunset guardian”

There is such a group of lovely people

They are either over half a century old

Or young after 00

They are busy but full

They are hard-working and determined

They are ordinary but great

Whether it is facing the rising sun

or in the fading lights

There are their busy figures

They are simple but not ordinary

They are ordinary but not mediocre


They Can’t express the motto of “the old is old and the old is old”

But they can use unpretentious smiles and emotions

Watering the dying garden

Facing the nagging of the elderly

Facing the misunderstanding of the elderly

Facing the uncontrollable bowel movements of the elderly

Facing the problems of the elderly at any time

You have resisted everything with your weak shoulders

Grateful, I met

My dear brothers and sisters

It is your warmest Your hand

soothes the weak and the sick

It is you who do your filial piety for the children of the world

Sharing the worries of thousands of families

It is you who use it A bright smile,

Infected with worry and loneliness

Willing to caress the old age

I only wish the sunset is infinitely better

Thank you< /p>

Guardian of the most beautiful sunset

(Liu Li, Jinan Nursing Center of Shandong Health Group)