The sleeping positions of the two couples you like may damage each other’s health, don’t believe it

Many people think that the sleeping position between husband and wife can reflect not only their living habits, but also their feelings, and women generally pay more attention to such small details. Most women want to be pampered by men even when they sleep at night, so sleeping positions are also a way for men to express their affection.

Loving couples have two sleeping positions. One is that the wife sleeps on her husband’s arm, and the other is that the two sleep with their arms facing each other. These two sleeping positions can give women a sense of security, and it can fully show that their relationship is really good, but they will also bring some safety hazards to their health. Most people probably haven’t thought about this issue.

Your two favorite sleeping positions can be detrimental to each other’s health.

First, the wife sleeps on her husband’s arm

Many people think that loving couples They must stick together from morning to night, and they should embrace each other even when they sleep. Although this sleeping position looks beautiful on the surface, it is actually very tiring.

If you keep this sleeping position all night, the shoulders of men and the cervical spine of women will be uncomfortable. Over time, it may induce frozen shoulder and cervical spondylosis.

Second, couples sleeping face-to-face

There are also couples who like to sleep face-to-face, feeling that they embrace each other in their arms China is the best proof of love.

In fact, this sleeping position will lead to poor sleep quality, because each other will inhale each other’s exhaled carbon dioxide during sleep, resulting in hypoxia to the brain, affecting sleep quality, and causing Brain memory decline, thinking decline and other problems.

Are the above two sleeping positions used by most couples? Even many women are very fond of it.

But for your health, try not to sleep in this position all night. When entering the sleep phase, it is best to choose the most comfortable position to sleep, after all, relaxation is the most important thing when sleeping.

In addition, to judge the relationship between two people, you can’t just look at the sleeping position. Evidence of love between husband and wife is hidden in daily life. In fact, the healthiest sleeping position is to sleep back to back.

Do you think the sleeping position between husband and wife is important? Which sleeping position do you prefer?

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