Rainstorms and floods are heavier than normal! Chongqing is doing this well to prepare for the flood season

High temperatures and precipitation

Severe severe weather

Regional and periodic droughts and floods are prominent

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Presence of transit flooding and local precipitation

Additional Impact Risk

Projected 2022< /span>

Chongqing rainstorms and floods are heavier than normal

Chongqing cityscape (data map) Photo by Zou Le

According to the relevant regulations determined by the date of flood season, Chongqing still has 2 weeks to enter flood season. On the afternoon of the 18th, the Municipal Water Resources Bureau held a video conference on flood and drought disaster prevention in 2022. The meeting reviewed and summarized the hydrology and flood and drought disaster prevention work in Chongqing in 2021, analyzed and judged the flood and drought disaster prevention trend in 2022, and arranged and deployed key disaster prevention tasks.

According to the flood and drought trends in 2022, experts suggest:

■ Flood control focus: Medium and small rivers in the area north of the Yangtze River.

Focus on the Meixi, Dong, Puri, Ren, and Daning rivers in the northeast , Qiongjiang, Qijiang, Daxi River, Yulin River in the west, Yujiang River in the southeast and other watersheds; special attention is paid to the transit floods of the Yangtze River, Jialing River, Fujiang River, and Qujiang River.

■ Drought resistance focus: Yangtze River Valley and high mountains and drought-prone areas.

mainly Yunyang and Wushan in the northeast, Youyang and Xiushan in the southeast, Qianjiang and Wulong , Pengshui, Shizhu, Nanchuan, Wansheng, Qijiang, Banan, Yongchuan and other districts and counties in the west.

Resolutely adhere to the “two bottom lines”, that is, to resolutely prevent major floods and drought disasters and accidents and mass casualties, and resolutely prevent reservoir collapse dams and dikes burst; strive to achieve “two no-occurrences”, that is, no drowning of people due to floods, no major infrastructure failures flood damage.

The Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau takes multiple measures to prepare for the flood season:

● Focus on pre-flood preparation. To carry out a large-scale investigation before the flood and rectification of hidden dangers, focusing on the implementation of the “three responsible persons” for reservoir dams and dams, spillways, water discharge facilities, etc. For hidden safety hazards in key parts, a ledger should be established for the problems found and rectification within a time limit. If the rectification cannot be completed before the flood season, flood control measures should be implemented.

Efforts are made to manage the “Three Risks”. The first is flood prevention. The second is the safety of the reservoir during flood season. The third is the prevention of mountain torrent disasters.

< span>●Consolidate and deepen the “Four Preliminary” measures. First, be “accurate” in forecasting. The second is to seek “fast” in early warning. The third is to seek “truth” in the rehearsal. The fourth is to seek “reality” in the plan.

< span>● Accelerate hydrological modernization.

●Strengthen the application of project scheduling. In-depth cooperation with surrounding provinces, cities and counties such as Sichuan and Guizhou, systematically consider upstream and downstream, left and right banks, main and tributaries, and promote the integrated construction of forecasting and scheduling, Take Fujiang, Qiongjiang, Qijiang, etc. across provinces as pilots, promote reservoirs with important flood control functions to enter the dispatching system in an all-round way, and establish and improve a coordinated and unified dispatching mechanism.

●Consolidate the material team reserve.

●Explore smart water conservancy construction. Construct an integrated water conservancy perception network and digital scene of sky, space and ground, realize multi-dimensional, multi-space-time-scale intelligent simulation of digital twin watersheds, and construct A smart water conservancy system with functions of forecast, early warning, rehearsal and plan.

●Do a good job in disaster prevention and mitigation. Improve the public awareness of active disaster prevention and avoidance and self-rescue and mutual rescue capabilities.

Source: Chongqing Publishing

Text: Zhou Xiaoping